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Top 5 Places To Visit Near Maison Eureka Mauritius For A Unique Island Holiday

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is also one of the most popular tropical island holiday destinations. One of the best places to visit in Mauritius is the Eureka Mansion. Built in 1830, Eureka Mansion, also known as Eureka House is a Creole house situated at the shore of river Moka. This elegant mansion was originally owned by British and French aristocrats. It is popular as one of the largest residences in Mauritius. Eureka Mansion has a total of 109 doors and windows.

If you ever get to visit Eureka Maison, you will get a peep into the colonial life of the people who had lived here. The house still stores antiques and photos as souvenirs from the past. The mansion also features a grand English-styled garden with mango trees, surrounded by waterfalls of the river Moka. It is not just the mansion that attracts travelers, there are many places to visit near Maison Eureka Mauritius that are popular among tourists.

In 1986, the Eureka Maison was restored and turned into a museum which is open to the public. And if you are planning to visit this place in Moka, here are some of the other interesting places to visit near Maison Eureka Mauritius, that you can include in your trip:

1. Moka

Bagatelle Shopping Mall in Moka Mauritius

Moka is a small village situated in the Moka district of Mauritius. It is centrally located in Mauritius and has witnessed a growth of real estate in the past few years. Many sugar estates that were not benefiting from the business turned into the real estate business. This was also encouraged by the CyberCity that came up nearby in Ebene. This has lead to the development of Moka. This place has a tropical wet climate just like the overall island nation. This is the place for lifestyle shopping from your favorite brands such as Armani Jeans, Body & Soul, Celio, Colors & Senses, Esprit, and Hugo Boss, among others.

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2. Bagatelle Mall, Moka

A lady walking with her shopping trolley inside Bagatelle Mall in Moka

With over 155 stores including brands like Aldo, Armani Jeans, and Celio under one roof, Bagatelle Mall has topped the charts for one of the finest places for luxury shopping in Mauritius. Established in 2011, Bagatelle Mall is one of the most popular shopping hotspots among the locals and the tourists. Located in the center of the island, the best part about it is that visitors can easily access it through highway and the mall provides spacious parking space. The Food Court is a great hangout place here and serves a variety of food items and cuisines.

The mall features restaurants, supermarkets, shops, and a movie theater too. Bagatelle Mall boasts of its widest and diverse selection of exclusive stores in Mauritius. Come here for a complete and satisfying shopping experience on the island nation. The prices are also competitive and range to suit all budgets. Shoppers from in and around Mauritius, plus tourists from around the globe, love indulging in a shopping spree at Bagatelle Mall – a fine shopping mall in Mauritius. If you want to do clothes shopping in Mauritius, this is the place to be.

Known for: Luxury shopping; Events and hypermarkets on weekend and public holidays
Bargaining skills required: Not really!

3. Eureka Falls


Highlighting the historical era, slips down the Eureka Falls, situated near Eureka Mansion in Moka. Going down from the mansion, when you find yourself in a challenging path, know that the waterfall is not too far. Amidst the lush of palm and mango trees, sits this set of four charismatic waterfalls. The way to the Eureka Falls near Eureka Mansion in Moka is a bit tricky.

Once you have reached this heavenly spot, you will be surrounded by relaxing sounds from the rushing water and animals. In the Eureka river banks, nature lovers can explore the aquatic plants such as water lilies, ‘jacinte d’eau’, ‘bredes songes’ and marine life such as the ‘scampi, madame C-r-‘, tilapias, found in large quantities.

Things to do: Explore the authentic colonial Eureka House & gardens, shop for Mauritian souvenirs and try traditional Mauritian cuisine in the Old Kitchen.

4. Le Pouce



Being the third highest peak on the island of Mauritius, this trail allows witnessing the most iconic features of the Port Louis area and the Moka Range. There are two approaches through this tale i.e. On the north side via Port Louis and On the south side via Moka range. The south route is a common route whereas the north route provides better views and is shadier in nature. One can easily connect the two trails due to the availability of good public transport at both ends. The starting point of this trail is Moka trailhead and the endpoint is the Summit. The 812 meter tall mountain is so tall that it is visible from the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. The name of the mountain is Le Pouce which means ‘the thumb’ because it has a thumb-shaped peak. The peak provides a 360-degree view of the entire nation. Le Pouce is also the second highest peak in the Moka Range. The range was formed by volcanic eruptions that took place several hundred years ago.
Location: Moka Range
Lowest point: 1514 ft
Highest point: 2587 ft
Difficulty level: Easy (no physically intensive or challenging route)
Length: 1.4 miles round trip
Duration: 2 hours one way

5. Escale Creole

Escale Creole

Its a Creole traditional restaurant in the island nation of Mauritius. The hosts are warm and welcoming and the style of their serving the food will give you opportunity to sample all the great Mauritian dishes before you order. The Ambience is mighty one with a large veranda.


  • Try the famous Rougaille Creole sausage
  • Dont forget to order cang mocked cabbage and salted fish.
  • Also try traditional curry chicken creole
  • Order a broth zourite and coconut chutneyEscale Creole will get you the TABLE and you can simply take your guests and have the unique experience of a “real Manze Lacaze”.

Address: Bois Cheri Road, Moka, Mauritius 80804

Excited about visiting all the above-given places to visit near Maison Eureka Mauritius? What are waiting for? plan a visit to Mauritius right away and enjoy the best time of your life with your loved ones.

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Chiang Mai Tours Travel Guide

The Only Guide To Jakar Dzong In Bhutan You Need Before Embarking On Your Trip

Jakar Dzong in Bhutan is the principle Dzong or a Tibetan/ Bhutanese styled fortress that overlooks the Jakar town in the Bumthang District. Located on a ridge above the Chamkhar Valley, the present fortress is built on the location of an earlier temple made by Ralung Hierarch Yongzin Ngagi Wangchuk on coming to Bhutan. This fort was built in 1667 to honor the victory of Tibetan Ruler Phuntsho Namgyal.

Jakar Dzong

A special feature of Jakar Dzong was the 50-meter high utse. One more unique thing about the Dzong is its unique passageway sheltered by two parallel walls which were interconnected by fortified towers, this provided the population with access to food, security, and water during a siege. Although destroyed in 1897 due to an earthquake, the reconstructed fort was built smaller than the original one according to sitemaps.

clouds and beautiful place

While the Jakar Dzong is open all year round, it is advisable to come to Bhutan during the summer months that last between May to August. If you have no problems with the extremely harsh winters of this mountainous country, then there is no spectacular view as visiting this fortress in winter amongst the snow.

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Beautiful building

The only way to reach the Dzong from the city of Jakar is through trekking along a narrow stone path which leads to the entrance of the Dzong. You can reach Jakar through air, rail and road:

By Air: This is one of the best ways to reach the town of Jakar. Just take a flight from your nearest airport to the Bathpalathang Airport, there you’ll get several taxis to reach Jakar.
By Rail: The nearest railway station to Jakar is the New Jalpaiguri Railway station, from there you can reach Jakar via a cab.
By Road: You can reach Jakar through road by opting any state transport service which originates from the nearby Phuentsholing border.

beauty and serenity

It is advised that you stay at least for a night in the town of Jakar to experience its beauty and serenity and know the place, its history, culture, and legends of the Jakar Dzong better. Some of the best accommodations near and around the Jakar Dzong are: Jakar View Lodge, Yu-Gharling Resort and Spa, Hotel Ugyen Yin, Hotel Peling, Rinchenling Lodge and Swiss Guest House Bumthang etc.

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While there aren’t many things you can do in the Jakar Dzong in Bhutan, but there are numerous interesting things and activities one can do in the Jakar town and the Bumthang district:

1. Bumthang Owl: Go Trekking

Nature mountains

Embark on a three-day journey in the laps of nature as you trek in the mountains and forests of the Bumthang District of Bhutan. Experience the diversity and vibrancy of nature as you see some of the most exquisite biodiversity and natural wonders as you go along the unknown trails through pristine Bhutanese forests and mountains in Bhutan.

2. Nomad Festival: Experience The Vibrant Culture

Festival in Jakar Dzong

Visit the Nomads festival to see and experience the vibrant culture of Nomads from all across the Himalayas and Bhutan. See the shows by the nomads and dance to the traditional music and understand their culture and their living. We encourage you to take some time off to take part in the festival and experience Nepalese culture at its best.

3. Kurje Lhakhang: Explore

Most sacred sites in Bhutan

Visit one of the most sacred sites in Bhutan where Guru Rinpoche used to meditate. The complex consists of 3 temples of which the oldest one on the rock was where Guru Rinpoche used to meditate. You’re advised to wear modest clothing at these sacred sites and also maintain silence in the corridors of these sites.

Jakar Dzong in Bhutan is a massive structure surrounded by pristine nature and beauty of Bhutan. Visit Bhutan to head here no to gain an experience of a lifetime.

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Delectable Greek Food: 10 Dishes For Both Sweet And Savory Food Lovers

We all know that Greece is famous for its mythological legends, and exotic locations. Other than this, Greece is also home to some of the most delicious dishes ever. Not many people might be aware of the amazing Mediterranean cuisine in Greece, but from dips to salads, and the mouth-watering meat, there are many sumptuous dishes to try in Greece. If you are planning a trip to Greece, and want a taste of some of the best food available there, refer to our guide of the top Greek food dishes you should try at least once during your lifetime.

Here’s a list of the unique dishes Greece offers to its travelers. Read on to know more about these culinary delights:

1. Moussaka


This traditional Greek dish can be made with any meat, but is traditionally made with either lamb or beef, and is prepared by slow cooking the minced meat in a tomato sauce and layered with aubergines, eggplants, and creamy Bechamel sauce. A classic among Greek food names, this popular dish can be found in almost all taverns and restaurants in Greece, and is also a loved dish in many Greek homes, and hence prepared often during Greek festivals.

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2. Souvlaki


The Greek word Souvlaki, in English, translates to “meat on a skewer”, and this traditional dish can be found in any Greek food menu. The meat, either lamb, beef or chicken is seasoned well and later on fried before it is served on a plate along with some french fries, vegetables and the ever famous tzatziki sauce. Traditionally, the dish is served wrapped in a pita bread, but in some places, they serve the meat separately on skewers, and the pita bread is served on the side.

3. Keftethes


Another one from the traditional Greek food recipes, is this appetizer which is a twist on the classic Italian meatballs, where the meatballs are crunchier than any of the meatballs you’ve ever tasted before. These delicious meatballs are usually a starter, along with pita bread and a creamy sauce, but can also be turned into a main dish, and served with some flavoured rice or a crunchy salad. An easy recipe, this is one of those Greek food ideas that can be tried at home.

4. Amygdalota


For all the health conscious people who want to enjoy a tasty treat on their vacation, can try these delicious almond-based cookies. An important part of Greek food culture, these biscuits are often consumed with tea or coffee or even milk sometimes, as a late afternoon snack, and can also be found at any Greek food festival because of their popularity.

5. Tomatokeftedes


For all vegetarians reading this list, don’t be disappointed as there are a number of delicious Greek dishes that are vegetarian, such as this appetizer dish, which consists of drained tomatoes, mixed with mint and onion and then deep fried till they form fritters. It is usually served as a mezze dish along with some tzatziki sauce and some pita bread as well. This is one of the traditional Greek food recipes and a highly recommended dish for you to try on your visit to Greece.

6. Feta Me Meli

Feta Me Meli

This is one of the unique types of Greek food that can be eaten both, as an appetizer, and as a dessert. This dish is prepared by wrapping some feta cheese in a batter of filo pastry dough, before being placed in an oven and baked. After the dish is taken out of the oven, it is slightly drizzled over with honey, creating an amazing balance between sweet and savoury, and a wonderful explosion of flavours in your mouth.

7. Galaktoboureko


This Greek dish is a dessert and is one of the most popular among the Greek food and drink dishes. A batter of phyllo dough is baked to perfection and then a generous dose of butter is poured over the dish. Any sweet tooth will absolutely enjoy this dish, and will definitely not be satisfied with just one portion. A perfect dessert companion for your evening tea or coffee, this beloved Greek dish can be found in many Greek homes, and cafes as well.

8. Yemista


Speaking of the Greece national food, we could not leave this delicious dish off our list. This dish is a main course that is prepared by stuffing tomatoes with rice, and cooked with many herbs. If you are looking for a non-vegetarian version of the dish, the stuffing can also be made out of minced meat, either chicken, beef or lamb. Though the traditional dish is made out of tomatoes, there are modern twists where other vegetables, like bell peppers, are used too. Don’t miss out on this traditional dish on your visit to this beautiful country.

9. Saganaki


This traditional dish can be used in a variety of ways and the most popular is it being used as an entrée. It’s also one of the easiest dishes to be prepared, using only two main ingredients, flour and cheese, and what could be a better combination than these two delicious food items. The cheese is dipped in bread crumbs and then deep fried till the cheese turns golden brown. Though the original ingredient is cheese, variations of this dish can be prepared with ingredients like prawns, chicken, and other meats and vegetables. You will fall in love with this Greek delicacy, and the best part is that it can easily be prepared even in the comfort of your own home.

10. Halvas


Ending the Greek foods list on a sweet note with this traditional Greek dessert, that can be found in any Greek restaurant, tavern or bakery. The best part about this dish is that no eggs, dairy or butter is used in this dessert, so it’s an absolute delight for vegans who are usually so restricted with options with it comes to desserts. Semolina, sugar, oil, and water are the four main ingredients used to prepare this sweet dish and the dish is usually served either with ice cream or gelato. It’s no secret that food prices in Greece are pretty high, but this dessert is both delicious and easy on the pocket and you will fall in love with how soft and sweet it is.

These are only some of the best dishes that you can try in Greece, and many more amazing culinary delights await you on your visit to this country. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and enjoy some amazing Greek food.

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Summer In Netherlands 2019: Know Everything About What To Do At This Little European Country!

Netherlands is an European country where the time stands still in its age-old windmills, ancient architectural masterpieces, tulip fields and quaint cafes. Reflecting the beauty of Dutch culture, this picturesque country has endless reasons to visit at least once. Though it welcomes its visitors throughout the year, but the Netherlands in summer is quite different. Apart from the blissful weather during this time, there are many exciting things to do under the blazing sun and of course the joyous festivals makes this time all worth it. So, if Netherlands is your next destination during the summers, then make sure to keep this handy travelers guide to enjoy an exciting time amidst this masterpiece country.

The summer in Netherlands arrives around July and ends by the last week of September. Usually the country experiences a pleasant climate during the summertime and the temperature remains between 17-20 degrees celsius. This European country experiences a maritime climate which is actually influenced by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Things To Do In Netherlands In Summer

There are many exciting and thrillful activities in the Netherlands, in which the travelers can indulge.

1. Dutch Beach: Relax Under The Sun

Dutch Beach

Unlike other tropical locations, the Dutch beaches are usually less crowded and spacious which makes all the difference. And what can be better than taking a sunbathe in a pleasant summer afternoon in Netherlands? These beaches have various entertainment options which includes a wide variety of beach clubs, bars and water activities like windsurfing and kite surfing. There are some quaint beaches located around the Haarlem and the Hague.

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2. Islands And Castle: Know The History

Islands and Castles

Just a few kilometres away from Amsterdam lies this town of Muiden. Quite a fascinating day trip from Netherlands, this low-key town has some beautiful constructed Dutch houses located alongside the docks. The visitors can also go and take a boat trip to witness the magnificent fortress situated on the Pampus island.

3. Kayak On The Canal

Kayak Ride

What can be better than taking a ride at the Kayak on a canal? Get a complete Dutch vibe while sailing at the silent of the canals in the old town of Utrecht. One can take a relaxing kayak ride only at a price of 6 Euros. So if you’re planning to go for some budget friendly experiences, then this might be a good escape for you.

4. Giethoorn: Visit The Venice Of North


Another highlight thing to do during the summer time the Netherlands is a visit to Giethoorn which is just a replica of the Venice city. This unique town has no roads and only canals, bike paths and walkways. The best way to spend a relaxing day in summers is to take a boat ride and sail around the water taking a glimpse of this beautiful old town.

5. Festivals: Feel The Celebration In The Air

Festivals In Netherlands

Starting off from the book festivals, music festivals, food festivals, firework festivals to many more, there is a bliss of celebration spread across the air. Throughout the summertime there is a long list of festivals lined up which offers the celebratory feels all across the country.

Be a part of these vibrant festivals which are celebrated across the country during the summertime.

1. De Parade

De Parade

This 67 days parade is a traveling theatre festival which touches the boundaries of Holland’s four main cities, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam. This joyous parade turns the parks in the city into a festive ground and decorate with colorful carnival tents, various eateries and one carousel.

Festival Dates: June 21, 2019 – August 25, 2019

2. International Chamber Music Festival

Chamber Music FestivaL

This is a festival where classical musicians from all over the world gather and performs both new and old works. The musical vibe of the festival and the famous names attracts many people who are interested in music. The chamber music festival is hosted at various special venues across the city. While exploring these places don’t miss out the historical places at Utrecht like Vredenburg, Leeuwenbergh, Van Schijndelhuis, Paushuize, Centraal Museum and the Dom Tower.

Festival Dates: July 8, 2019 – July 14, 2019

3. North Sea Jazz Festival

North sea jazz festival

Over the years, the North Sea Jazz Festival has turned to be the number one jazz event in Holland. This event experiences around 65.000 visitors every year and for these three days, Rotterdam becomes the Jazz capital of the world. Around 1,300 artists perform at the stage during this time and this place becomes a paradise for jazz listeners.

Festival Dates: July 12, 2019 – July 14, 2019

4. Rotterdam Unlimited

Rotterdam Unlimited

If you haven’t seen Rotterdam unlimited, then you’re missing out on something really frenzy. Rotterdam unlimited is a fiesta which includes music battles, parades, live music and much more. Started off in 2013, this festival is a merge of the popular summer carnival and Dunya festival. This five day festivals brings out all the famous artists at one stage and also hosts the vibrant summer carnival parade.

Festival Dates: July 23, 2019- July 27, 2019

5. Amsterdam Gay Pride

Amsterdam Gay Pride

Every year just at the end of July, Amsterdam celebrates the LGBTQ festival which includes the joyous “gay canal parade”. This festival commemorates the celebration of equality amongst gay, lesbian, and transgender people. Around 5,00,000 visitors attend this festival every year. During the canal parade there are around 80 decorated boats lined up which sail on the Prinsengracht canal.

Festival Dates: July 27, 2019 – August 4, 2019

So, are you ready to spend the summer this time at this European country? Apart from exploring the quaint streets, dutch architectural buildings, beautiful old towns and exotic beaches, there are vibrant festivals which fills up the air with all the zeal and cannot be missed. Hold up your excitement and plan your vacation to Netherlands keeping this handy summer guide and enjoy the time like never before!

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Running Of The Bulls 2019: All About The Craziest & Most Adventure-Filled Festival In Spain

“La Vida Es Una Aventura Loca Y Debes Tener Esta Experiencia Al Máximo.”

Life is a crazy adventure and you must experience it to the fullest. Be it just grooving under the stars all night long at Tomorrowland or going to the next level by being a part of the Running Of The Bulls 2019 festival in Pamplona, you gotta do it all. While the music festival like former requires you to have deeper pockets, it is the popular Bull Run in Spain that tests if you have stronger guts, which we believe is a reason enough to put this extravagantly unusual festival on the top of your Spain trip itinerary.

But before you do, it’s only fair enough to know all about what you’d be signing up for by being a part of this adrenaline-pumping event, both ethically and practically. Here’s a handy guide personalized especially for you, so don’t think now and just scroll below!

Running Of The Bulls

Popularly revered as the San Fermin Festival amongst the locals, this bull run event is a centuries-old tradition that may have started back in 1951. Initially celebrated in October, the festival was soon moved to July for better weather conditions. But why it started is the most amusing thing to know.

Fiesta de San Fermín came into existence as a result of honoring the popular Saint Fermin who was believed to be a tortured saint. In order to honor him across the world, the bull run, trade fairs, and bullfights began which eventually attracted millions of people to the city. People of all ages and colors come to this region in Navarra to attend the festival which is supported by various organizations.

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San Fermin Festival

Every year, the San Fermin Festival begins on 6th July and ends with a fabulous closing ceremony on 14th July. As far as the schedule for the San Fermin 2019 is concerned, here’s a quick sneak peek for you so that you can plan your trip better.

July 6, 2019: Opening ceremony at Plaza Consistorial from 10 AM and Rejones Bullfight at 6 PM
July 7, 2019: First Bull Run at 8 AM, Procession of San Fermin at 10 AM, and the first traditional bullfight in the Plaza de Toros at 6:30 PM
July 8 and 9, 2019: Bull runs and fights continue as per the previous schedule
July 10, 2019: Start of the mid-fiesta period
July 11,12, and 13, 2019: Daily runs and fights continue. On 12th, the closing preparations of the festival starts
July 14, 2019: Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremony at 12 AM in Plaza Consistorial

The best thing about the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain is that it is for everyone from everywhere. There are no tickets for entry to the venue whether you are a runner or someone who just wishes to watch the run. All you have to spend on is on the drinks that you must carry to the square since you can only get out from there post 2 PM. And of course, on the balcony, if you plan to book it for the run.

 San Fermin Festival over luscious desserts and breakfast

There is no registration or deadlines for getting yourself become a part of the run. As long as you’re 18 years old or older than that and are dressed appropriately, have 0% alcohol in your blood, and are approved by the officials on the ground, you can show up and run along for the need to have that long dreamt adrenaline rush.

However, if you wish to be a sporty spectator in the festival, it’s best advised by the locals and pros to get yourself booked a balcony that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view of the San Fermin Festival over luscious desserts and breakfast. You can pick a balcony as per your choice and book it maximum by the month of March since they usually tend to run out of spaces. An alternative for enjoying the run is standing amidst the crowd behind the barriers which can have its own pros and cons.

Stay During Bull Run Festival

Accommodation is definitely not a problem in Pamplona. However, facing an issue to get a hotel of your choice at the last minute is. There are a lot of hotels to stay near the old quarter which will make it easy for you to reach the race venue well in time. However, you can rent a homestay or live in a hostel if you’re traveling on a budget. The only advisable thing to do during the festive season is giving the location of the accommodation a preference over other needs.

  • Irrespective of how fun the Bull Run may seem, getting injuries and even losing death is a certain occurrence. Around 15 people have reportedly died since 1910. So, be very sure if you want to be in the run to enjoy it or outside it as a sporty spectator.
  • Your age doesn’t matter if you are just planning to witness the race with your family members. However, make sure you are 18 years or older if you plan to run in the race.
  • Wearing sports or specifically, Tennis shoes is a must irrespective of whether you are going to be a runner or a spectator.
  • DO NOT carry a lot of cash, your credit cards, or any valuable items such as a watch or jewelry on your body. In fact, ensure that you leave your travel documents in your hotel or car as well.
  • If you wish to be a part of the San Fermin Festival like a local, wear plain white clothes that are not too expensive. With anything else, you’d just stand out from the crowd and possibly for the wrong reasons.
  • At no cost should you have any amount of alcohol on the day of the run. There are a lot of officials in common clothing who keep a check on both the spectators and the runners. You’d be immediately asked to leave the premises if you’re found drunk.
  • If you’re running at your own risk, make sure you are well trained, fit, and abide by the do’s and don’ts laid by the officials.
  • Book a balcony to enjoy a better view of the run. However, if money is a concern, reach the running square early in the morning by 6 or 7 AM to get a spot right behind the barriers.
  • Partying in Pamplona all night is a tradition but make sure you’re not a part of it if you wish to enjoy it fully.

We are sure that you would still be left with a few doubts or questions in your mind. So, fret not. if you really wish to be a part of the ‘encierro aka Running Of The Bulls’, feel free to drop in your concerns below and we would love to help you plan the most adventurous Spain holiday with TravelTriangle for you!

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8 Most Romantic & Adventurous Things To Do On A Bali Honeymoon In 6N/7D

For most of the people, traveling is all about exploring the world and its beauty, but for us it is the freedom of living one’s life to the fullest, each & every day. Going to new places helps us in gaining new experiences, and inspires us to push our limits. To be able to step out of our comfort zone and discover a new side of the world is a great feeling, and we want to cherish it for lifelong.

So luckily, since both of us share the same love for travel, when it came to picking a destination for our honeymoon, we finalized Bali as it had just the right kind of places and experiences that we wanted. Without thinking further, we got in touch with TravelTriangle, which was recommended to us by a friend who had also booked his honeymoon through TT and had found the package best in comparison to the other websites. With their smooth booking and planning process, they not only offered us a value for money package, but also included all the best things to do on a Bali honeymoon in our itinerary.

couple clicking bali's photo from plane

Here are the details of our Bali honeymoon package:

Trip Type: 6 Nights 7 Days Honeymoon to Bali
Cost: INR 1,32,500 from Shoes On Loose
Inclusions: All the accommodation, airfare, breakfast, dinner on first day, transfers from and to the airport, sightseeing and all the activities, a couple spa, and all the taxes.
Exclusions: Lunch and dinner, visa (on arrival), travel insurance, personal expenses, and anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Our Bali honeymoon itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to Seminyak & check-in in Kunti Villas
Day 2: Relax at the villa, couple spa, and candlelight dinner
Day 3: Visit to Nusa Dua for scuba diving & parasailing, visit to Uluwatu temple, and overnight stay at Rama Beach Resort
Day 4: River rafting on the Ayung River, visit to Monkey Forest and coffee plantation
Day 5: Island tour on Bali Hai Cruise
Day 6: Visit to Gitgit Waterfall & Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, and witnessing the sunset at Tanah Lot
Day 7: Check out and leave for the airport

1. Staying in a private pool villa

view of bali island

Our much-awaited romantic holiday in Bali kick-started when we touched down the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The view of Bali was breathtaking and it was difficult to hold our excitement now for long. We were soon picked up by our trip representative who drove us to our hotel in Seminyak.

couple in kunti villas

The most special holiday of our lives deserves everything that’s extraordinary and so we had decided to stay in Kunti Villas wherein our room was actually a private pool villa. Everything seemed perfect and we spent the first day relaxing and soaking in the bliss of Bali.

2. Indulging in a spa therapy & watching sunset at Kuta Beach

sunset on kuta beach

One of the best things to do on a Bali honeymoon is to pamper yourselves well before you begin with the adventure, and that’s exactly what we did. Our Bali honeymoon package had a spa session organized for us at the Authentic Balinese SPA, which was the most soothing experience that we had on our trip. It was way too relaxing and it energized us completely for the rest of the day.

Soon after, we visited the nearby market and witnessed the sunset at the Kuta Beach. Needless to say, it was a sight worth capturing. Later, both of us came back to our villa, where a candlelight dinner was organized for us and our room was completely decorated with flowers. A day that started with pampering ended on the similar note, and our last night in the villa became even more special.

3. Scuba diving and parasailing in Nusa Dua

couple doing scuba diving

couple doing parasailing

On the third day of our Bali trip, we had our breakfast and checked out from the villa to leave for our tour of Nusa Dua. Amongst all the best things to do on a Bali honeymoon , indulging in water adventures in Nusa Dua is what we loved the most. Both of us did scuba diving and parasailing, of which the diving experience was absolutely heartwarming.

4. Visiting the famous Uluwatu Temple

view of sea near uluwatu temple

couple standing in front of sea in bali

Post our water sports session, we went for lunch to the Queens of India restaurant, and completely satiated our hunger pangs. Later, the two of us headed to the Uluwatu Temple, where we witnessed and captured its scenic beauty. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to see in Bali irrespective of one’s inclination to spirituality.

man sitting againg gorgeous view in bali

woman standing near uluwate in bali

For this day, our stay was booked in the Rama Beach Resort, so after the temple we headed there to complete the check in formalities, after which we called it a day.

5. River rafting on the Ayung River

couple rafting on ayung river

Our honeymoon in Bali was filled with both romance and adventures, and that’s what made it so unique and memorable. Even after indulging in water sports, we had rafting included our itinerary because both of just love tasting thrill. After having our breakfast, we headed to the Ayung River for river rafting, which indeed turned out to be the most exciting part of our trip.

couple near waterfall in ayung bali

We covered a distance of 10 km with a halt in between at a place selling snacks & drinks. The whole experience became more fun as it was raining throughout. At the end, we stopped by a waterfall for some photography and enjoying the local Indonesian cuisines for lunch.

6. Visiting the Monkey Forest and coffee plantations

man posing with monkey in bali

coupleposing with monkey

Our Bali honeymoon also included a visit to the Monkey Forest, which is a popular tourist attraction on the island. However, it wasn’t something we enjoyed in comparison to the other experiences. But, it is a great place to spend an evening if you’re a wildlife enthusiast and an animal lover. We interacted with the monkeys and even clicked a few pictures together.

couple in monkey forest

monkey forest

Later on our way to our resort, we stopped by at the Luwak coffee plantation, where one can taste a variety of coffees for free, and even buy them. But, not the most expensive ones as they can only be bought. It was definitely an enriching experience to have in Bali!

7. Taking an adventure-filled tour on the Bali Hai Cruise

island tour in bali hai

Bali Hai is famous all across the world and we didn’t want to skip having a cruising experience at all. So, we had a full day tour in the Bali Hai Reef Cruise till the Nusa Lembongan Island. The cruise also took us to the pontoon and offered fun activities like the water sliding, scuba diving, mini submarine, banana boat ride, and more.

couple in bali hai cruise

Later, we also went to tour the island with the guide. Our lunch was at the cruise itself and the live music added to the whole impeccable experience that we had been having.

8. Exploring the other popular places like Tanah Lot, Gitgit & more

gitgit waterfall

couple witnessing the gitgit waterfall

Last but not the least, we also ticked off a visit to the Gitgit Waterfall, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, and witnessing the Tanah Lot sunset from our bucket list. To reach the Gitgit waterfall, we walked from the car park and through many cloves plantations and other waterfalls. It was undeniably a blissful sight.

ulun danu baran temple

couple on honyemoon in bali

Further, we visited the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple where we clicked a lot of beautiful pictures before heading towards the Tanah Lot Temple for witnessing the gorgeous sunset there. It was quite an eventful day, but definitely very soul-stirring.

woman stading against sea in bali

couple on bali beach

We had an impeccable experience in Bali and we couldn’t resist ourselves from capturing its beauty, even on our way back home. It was the perfect way to celebrate the start of our new lives and we came back with happy hearts.

High Points Of Our Bali Honeymoon

  • River rafting on the Ayung River, which was the most thrilling experience
  • Scuba diving, as we loved witnessing the underwater life
  • Island tour in the Bali Hai Cruise, which was completely filled with fun

Low Points Of Our Bali Honeymoon

  • Every day and experience that we had during our honeymoon in Bali was simply incredible, However, when we reached our hotel on day one, we had to wait a bit longer for our room due to some discrepancy in the booking, so that was a little upsetting, but we ultimately got the perfect place to stay where we had been wanting to.
  • Our visit to the Monkey Forest was not as great as was to the other places as it didn’t turn out to be a place of our interest. Nevertheless, we ended up with some unique memories.

Tips For Future Honeymooners

  • Both scuba diving and rafting are the best things to do in Bali. So, do not skip them at all.
  • If possible, plan a longer trip and include volcano trekking in your itinerary.
  • Prefer staying in a villa that has a private pool so that you have plenty of privacy for spending some quality time.
  • Try and include the places & experiences that interest you the most first by customizing your honeymoon package with TravelTriangle.

Our overall experience with TravelTriangle was extraordinary. The Bali holiday that we had been looking forward to for so long felt like a dream come true, thanks to the smooth booking and efficient planning services. We got the perfect Bali honeymoon package and it completely glammed up our experience just the way we had desired.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Koh Nang Yuan Island

Found not very a long way from the charming plunging islands of Koh Tao is an island called Koh Nang Yuan Island. You may have seen photographs of it. The luring sea green/blue waters, the white sand, and the pleasant rocks setting the ideal scene. Because of its nearby area to famous islands like Koh Tao and Koh Samui, a visit to Koh Nang Yuan is part of each explorer’s motivation.

About Koh Nang Yuan Island

Koh Nang Yuan Island, while viewed as one island, is really an arrangement of three islands, or rough outcrops, associated by two pieces of white coral-sand that fill in as shoreline amid low tide, and that vanish under the unmistakable water when it rises. Koh Nang Yuan Island is only a 15 minutes in length tail vessel ride from Koh Tao.

Thailand Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Experience thrilling adventure sports, enjoy Thai cuisines, or pamper yourself with a relaxing spa. Book Thailand holiday packages on TravelTriangle and enjoy the beauty of the beaches of Krabi, Phuket, and Ko Samui.

Best Time To Visit Koh Nang Yuan Island

A hot and dry season, a hot and blustery season and a wet season. All through these seasons temperatures remain genuinely steady, at a normal between 25 to 36 degrees Celsius. Amid hot and dry season, the temperature does not tend to drop much amid the night. In hot and breezy season we encounter a slight drop amid the night and in the blustery season.

How To Reach Koh Nang Yuan Island

The quickest association with Koh Nang Yuan Island from Bangkok is through the air to Chumphon Airplane terminal then a rapid sailboat to the island. Chumphon Air terminal is found 30km north of Chumphon town in Pathio Locale (elective spelling Pathiu). It has coordinate different day by day flights associations with Bangkok’s Wear Muang Air terminal.

Places To Stay At Koh Nang Yuan Island

A mystery holding up to be found and found just a short ways from Koh Tao. Nangyuan has a standout amongst the loveliest shorelines where you can sit and appreciate calm nightfalls on the shoreline, no autos or hustle or clamor. The place epitomises peace and is an ideal place to loosen up, or for the more daring an opportunity to plunge into an energizing new ordeal.

Planning your holiday in Thailand but confused about what to do? These Thailand travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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In the event that you are the audacious sort, here you can locate the world’s solitary zip line between the islands. Take a look at some of the things to do here:

1. Koh Nang Yuan: Zipline


You have the choice of zip lining and additionally a perspective climb, guided swimming of Koh Nang Yuan’s renowned reefs, and an opportunity to make the most of its lovely shorelines. Zip lining comprises of two lines that go between the islands. Make sure to double check the safety gear before you go for a spin.

2. Koh Nang Yuan: Check out the view

Check out the view

This is the primary fascination on the island, so it is very swarmed amid the high season, particularly in August, so you need to consider the most reasonable time to visit. It takes a 15 minutes’ stroll to achieve it, yet once you achieve the best the reward of astonishing scenes and the viewpoint of Koh Tao Island in Thailand is completely justified regardless of all the exertion.

3. Koh Nang Yuan: Indulge In Water Sports

Indulge In Water Sports

Koh Nang Yuan Island is the center of many swimming and scuba plunging places, the popular ones are Twin Pinnacles, Green Shake, and Japanese Patio nurseries, in any case, its very own shorelines are now incredible for swimming. Many vessel visit Koh Samui and Koh Tao, taking guests to encounter an experience under its crystalline waters.

4. Koh Nang Yuan: Rock Jumping

Rock Jumping

You will frequently observe plunge pontoons encompassing Nang Yuan to visit the well-known jump destinations of Twin Pinnacle and Japanese Greenhouses, which lie simply off the island and are shallow enough for swimmers. Apparatus can be leased in the Koh Nang Yuan Island Resort’s Jump Shop, or obviously, you are allowed to bring your own.

Koh Nang Yuan Island is a bustling island. Visit Thailand in the summers to explore this place in its full splendor. Make sure to stay in the resorts there to receive the warmest hospitality possible. You’ll have the time of your life there.

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Top 5 Things To Do In Amaury Rivière Du Rempart Flacq To Make Your Visit Exciting!

Amaury is one of the big towns in Mauritius where tourists like to flee on their holiday. It is located in the largest district of Mauritius, Riviere du Rempart in the northwest part of the island. One thing you don’t know about this town is that while the northern part of the town comes under Riviere du Rempart district, the southern part of the town comes under Flacq district. Bot these districts are two of the happening districts of Mauritius. You will find plenty of things to do and explore here.

Mauritius is one hell of a destination to have an amazing tropical experience. If you want to indulge in watersports, then there is no better place than Mauritius to enjoy scintillating underwater beauty. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walking in the ocean. If you are not in a mood for this, you can just lie on its white sandy beaches and take a sunbath. Do not forget to put sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of UV sun rays. You are lucky to be in Mauritius as there are innumerable islands and beaches on this island.

Here are the top 5 things and activities you should not miss while you are on your vacation in this part of the island. Make the best of your time with these fun activities.

1. Food Indulgence


The Mauritian land offers a unique mix of Creole, African, Indian and Chinese influences. Make sure you experience both: street food as well as a romantic fine dinner. If you have not tried local Mauritian cuisine on your holiday, have you even been to this place. Seafood lovers are going to love this place as you get plenty of fresh seafood to enjoy. Catch fresh fish from the ocean and then have it for your dinner in the evening. While you are at it, try crab, squid, and mini-octopus too if you have a strong appetite, more than that s strong heart. Mauritius is heaven for nonvegetarians. There are a lot of options for vegetarians too. You can also try fresh tropical fruits that you won’t find anywhere else. The must-try from the Mauritian streets is dholl puri served with hot chili paste. The best places to try these are at Dewa & Sons on Rose Hill and Chapeau La Paille in Port Louis. On the other hand, some of the top Mauritius hotels and resorts like Oberoi offer in the house set up to enjoy a private romantic dinner with your loved one. This saves you the effort of stepping out to look for a romantic reservation.

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Mauritius Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Take a break with an exotic holiday in Mauritius. Experience the best of Mauritius with North and South island tours: Inclusive of Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, & Meals. Best Prices Guaranteed. Customizable Package & Free Guidance From Destination Experts.

2. Parasailing

Parasailing combines the fun of sky and water sports in Mauritius

Parasailing in Mauritius is a great sport to start with. It does not just give you a birds-eye view of the lagoons, but also an unmatched thrill. This is the best place to lose yourself in the magnificent turquoise waters and their vastness. The duration differs from place to place, but basically, a parasailing flight is about 5 to 15 minutes. Parasailing is a thrilling sport but make sure you double check your safety gears and harnesses before taking off. If you like flying, then you are going to love this watersport. Also, you do not need prior expertise to do this activity. All you have to do is get yourself tied to a tandem, stay calm, and enjoy while you are in the air. The views you will get from the top are truly amazing! There are a lot of places near Amaury where you can enjoy parasailing. Make sure you go along with a trusted adventure activity organizer who use proper gear and equipment and even holds a certificate to conduct adventure activities.

Adventure level: Moderate
Where: Grand Baie, Trou deau Douce, and Ile aux Cerfs.
Swimming required: No
Tips: If you carry your camera, make sure that you strap it properly.

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3. Cave Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking in blue waters of Mauritius

A rather easy one among various water sports holiday in Mauritius, kayaking allows you to explore mysterious islands and caves. You can opt for a single kayak or a double kayak. The best part is that you can discover a lot more on your own. If starting from Pointe Aux Sable, paddle through the water and discover the gorgeous basalt rock gardens while entering in the stunning rock caves. You will be left spellbound with the beautiful sights you witness on this journey. This is something new that you won’t get at many places to enjoy. Mauritius is truly amazing. The hills and cliffs here have hidden caves which lure tourists and adventurists for some exploration.

Adventure level: Moderate to Difficult
Where: The Cliffs of Albion in the Mauritius West Coast; starting point is Pointe Aux Sable.
Swimming required: No
Tips: Pack extra pair of clothes, sunscreen, towels and comfortable sandals. You can also opt for Cave Sea Kayaking classes. Yemaya Adventures offers various courses.

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4. Blue Safari Submarine

Blue Safari Submarine in Mauritius

Wish to dive, but don’t want to get wet- Try Blue Safari Submarine ride. It is a different one among Mauritius water sports, and takes you among the exotic corals and the ship-wreck Star Hope. Located at Trou Aux Biches & Mont Choisy, Blue Safari Submarine will give you a whirlwind tour of the ocean. So, this like a aquarium but with a twist, as you are inside it!

Adventure level: Moderate
Swimming required: No
Tips: Reservations are recommended at least a day in advance.The price per adult is Rs 39,000 and for children its Rs 23,000.

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5. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Mauritius

Whats the fun without some snorkeling in Mauritius- Plunge into the blue sea and explore the magical corals and marine life. This is an experience you will never forget, cos the reefs here are spectacular. It is one of the most popular water sports at Ile Aux Cerfs, Mauritius.

Adventure level: Easy
Where to try: Blue Bay Marine Park, Pointe aux Piments, Trou aux Biches, Ile aux Cerfs or Flic en Flac
Swimming required: No
Tips: Wear comfortable light swimwear for snorkeling in Mauritius. If you want to take pictures, get yourself an underwater camera.

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Even though it is an average size island, Mauritius is surprisingly vast. Just at a stretch of a few kilometers, you will find something new. Even a whole week of vacation in Mauritius is not enough to fully explore this island. Yet, these are some things to do in Amaury Rivier du Rampart Flacq that you should not miss out on if you happen to be in this part of the island. Whether you are on your honeymoon or family vacation, Mauritius makes an ideal destination for all kinds of holidays. This island country wins everyone’s hearts.

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A Guide To Isimangaliso Wetland Park: One Of South Africa’s Biggest Nature Reserves

Isimangaliso Wetland Park is the third biggest nature reserve as well as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It is located on the east coast of South Africa in KwaZulu Natal province and spans across a huge area of around 3280 sq. km. The park is one of the most popular destinations for eco-tourists. The place is full of wonders, like the biggest Estuarine System and the second largest vegetated sand dunes.

'miracle and wonder'

Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 in the presence of Nelson Mandela himself, the park was renamed from Greater St. Lucia to Isimangaliso Wetland Park which means ‘miracle and wonder’ in the native Zulu language. Some of the most notable species of animals include 1800 crocodiles, over 800 hippopotami, African Bush elephants, African leopards, Southern rhinos, among others.

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 Isimangaliso Wetland Park

The best time to visit the park is during the Dry and mild winter season which is from May to September. This season is a peak season and you’ll find swarms of migratory birds stopping at this park as a midway to their actual destination. In this season it becomes a wonderland for bird-watchers.

 Town of Hluhluwe

You can drive up the N2 highway northwards and follow it for at least 250 km to reach the entrance which faces Durban. You can enter the park from the town of Hluhluwe, the nearest entrance of the park is situated just 50km from the town of Hluhluwe. The most convenient entrance is through the town of St. Lucia, because the park is technically located in St. Lucia so it is like the town itself is one of the entrances to the park.

Rock Shandy Stone Cottage

The park is so huge that numerous days are required if you want to reach its far reaches and want to see the most pristine and untouched parts of this park. Take an accommodation and enjoy exploring the whole of the park. Some of the best places to stay in and around the park include Rock Shandy Stone Cottage, Kosi Forest lodge, Aristo Manor, Pakamisa Private Game reserve among others.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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There are numerous interesting adventure activities that one can pursue in Isimangaliso Wetland Park, but it is important to identify the best of them:

1. Lake St. Lucia: Gape At The Beauty

 Around the lake as the rocks

Home to 800 hippopotami and hundreds of Nile crocodiles, the lake in St. Lucia epitomise the beauty of Isimangaliso Wetland Park. We advise you to be careful around the lake as the rocks surrounding the lake are covered in lichen and hence, extremely slippery. You’re strictly prohibited from taking a bath or a piss in the lake.

2. Sodwana: Go Snorkelling


Located in the Northern Section of the Isimangaliso western park, Sodwana is amongst the best destinations in whole of South Africa to snorkel and dive and see the vibrant coral and see life by your own eyes. Make sure to take precautionary measures before you dive into the water. Also, if you’re a first time snorkeler, we’d advise you to hire a trainer. Remember to breathe underwater, and you’ll be okay.

3. Western Reserve: Go On A Safari

 Jeep safari

The Western shores reserve of the Isimangaliso Wetlands park is home to the big 4 species, that is buffalo, rhino, elephant and leopard. See these amazing creatures live aboard a jeep safari through the Western Shore Reserves. Make sure to not thrust the camera into the face of animals, they may assume that you’re attempting to attack them and you can get hurt in the return.

4. Eastern Shores: Observe Wildlife

It houses more animals

Like the Western Shore, this home to the African Big 3. You can find the rhino, buffalo and leopards in the area. The eco-tourists will enjoy observing the variety of wildlife that Isimangaliso Wetland Park has to offer. Being one of the biggest reserves in South Africa, it houses more animals than you can count on your fingers.

The Isimangaliso Wetland Park is a must-visit destination for those who have even the most remotest interest in nature and wildlife. Book your ticket to South Africa and head there now. Do not let go of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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A Guide To uShaka Marine World: Africa’s Largest Marine Theme Park

uShaka Marine World in Durban, South Africa is a theme park which was opened in the year 2004. They have 8 different sections in this theme park which includes something for all the age groups. This park is located between a harbor and the beachfront. This marine park is a really popular tourist destination in Durban and most of the tourists make a note to visit this gigantic water world. This water park is considered as Africa’s largest marine theme park.

Swimming pool

uShaka Marine World acquires about 15 hectares of land. This place is perfect for a family getaway and is known as the world’s fifth largest aquarium by the volume of water. This water park has 8 sections that include – Ushaka sea world, Ushaka Wet ‘n Wild, Ushaka sea animals encounters island, Ushaka Beach, Ushaka village walk, Ushaka kids’ world, Ushaka dangerous creatures and Chimp & Zee.

Dolphin jumping from water

If you wish to visit the uShaka Marine World, travel south on the Point Road from the Victoria Embankment or the West Street, from Central Durban. Continue on the same until you reach Southampton and turn left, further turning again into the Albert Terrace. This place is located at the end of the Durban Golden Mile.

These are some places in Durban which are near the uShaka Marine World and you can take a pick according to your preferences. Take a look the 3 top accomodations:

1. Suncoast Towers

Sunrise view

This hotel provides luxury accommodation and provides great service. This is a popular landmark and is just 5 minutes away from the serene beach. This hotel is quite near to the uShaka Marine World and has amazing services and offers for their customers. This place has a pretty good fitness center and also a great pool where you can let some steam off. They also have a great bar and a personal casino.

2. Beverly Hills

luxury accommodation

This hotel is an award winning hotel as it has the best services and gracious hospitality. They have about 86 rooms all of which have private balconies that offer wonderful views of the ocean beyond. This place is known for its services to royalty and celebrities and provides luxurious accommodation. They have a private DVD collection from which the customers can choose any movie and they also have a great massage center.

3. Cabana Beach Resort

perfect resort

This resort is by the north side of Durban and is loved by many families. This peaceful resort is styled with a theme of a Mediterranean village. This place has a peace and warmth attached to it and that is the best quality of this resort. Many customers are satisfied by their services and love the staff as they are quiet helpful and friendly.

From riding on the body tornado, mamba tunnel slide, super tube and torpedo to visiting the Indian ocean, here are some of the things you can do in uShaka Marine World:

1. uShaka Marine World: Wet ‘n Wild

water parks

If you love water parks, then you will fall in love with uShaka Marine World. This place has a really amazing water park whose name is Wet n Wild. This water park is really huge and filled with many exciting rides that will be a really thrilling experience for you. The body tornado, mamba tunnel slide, super tube and torpedo are some of the slides in this water park which you will fall in love with.

2. uShaka Marine World: Dangerous Creatures

Unique creature of earth

This place is for all the animal lovers. This place has some really exotic animals that will make your skin crawl with fear. These animals include some very rare reptiles and animals that you only notice in some dense vegetation. This place is for all the adventure junkies that need such a thrilling adventure. Make sure to book a ticket in advance.

3. Durban Yacht Mole: Take A Tour

Stylish ship

This is a major landmark of South Africa and is known as the Margaret Mncadi Avenue. This landmark is a harbor and filled with apartments and buildings on one side and water on the other. Some of the residents still call this place the Esplanade. This harbor is filled with hotels and restaurants and the view at night at this harbor is splendid.

4. Indian Ocean: Stop By

Ocean side view

The name open ocean is given to this aquarium because when you stand in front of the gigantic window which is 8m long then you will actually feel like you’re standing outside an ocean. You can take a look at the enormous fishes that swim through this wonderful window and you can also spot some known fishes like tuna and Dorado.

5. Coral Gardens: Explore

Inside view of ocean

This stunning coral reef which has all the wonderful colors added to this beautiful reef is present at the majestic marine world. This reef is recreated here and is included in the spectacular and diverse ecosystem which is also recreated here. Also, if you love the African penguins and need a chance to take a look at this wonderful specie, then marine world is the place for you.

Visit South Africa and head to uShaka Marine World to experience the absolute pleasure of riding water rides. You’ll have a gala time riding these amusement rides. Make sure to take your family and friends along and show them a good time.