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Backpacking In Bhutan: A Thrilling Experience For All The Travelers

Backpacking in Bhutan is in everyone’s bucket list all around the world. If you are a budget traveler, backpacking in Nepal and Bhutan is quite doable in a shoestring budget. Especially, in Bhutan it is quite an experience as the country is so close to India geographically, yet so different. You will get to explore the culture, food, and religious practices of the country at close quarters by mingling with the natives there. After all, is it not that the best way to travel?

Read on to know more about different aspects of this beautiful country before backpacking in Bhutan.

How To Reach Bhutan

By Air: Bhutan has only one international airport with flights coming in from New Delhi, Singapore, Bangkok and Kathmandu. Usually these flights have stops in cities like Dhaka, Bagdogra or Kolkata, which means the country is somewhat connected by air. Two different airlines operate in the country: Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. However, that definitely is not the preferred way of going to Bhutan when it comes to seasonal backpackers.

By Road: The main entry point to the country is via the city of Phuentsholing, which lies on the India-Bhutan border. There are two different points of entry in the Indian state of Assam as well, but they are not used frequently.

By Train: The nearest train stations are at New Jalpaiguri and Hasimara. You will find connecting trains from every major Indian city, which makes Bhutan backpacking from India a desirable option for almost every traveler.

You can take a taxi from Hasimara to Phuentsholing and go to different Bhutanese cities like Paro and Thimphu. Buses are quite common in the Indian part, however, in Bhutan, it is best to take shared taxis.

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Every season and month sees the country in a different colour. You should visit Bhutan in summers during the months of June and July, if you want to avoid the cold weather. October to December is perfect for hikers and photographers who want clear skies and good photographs. The months of March sees the bloom of rhododendron in the area, which is a huge hit amongst tourists. To cut down the costs, it is advised to travel off season. You can also plan your travel around the royal festivals held in Punakha and Thimphu, where masked dancers make for amazing pictures.

Arrival At Bhutan

When you are entering Bhutan, you would be required to present your official ID as well as permits at the Immigration Office. Here it is to be noted that Indian natives can also acquire a visa on arrival. The government tries to regulate tourism in the country to conserve the culture as well as nature, which makes Bhutan a costly place to visit for most foreign nationals.


1. Phuentsholing


The first Bhutanese town to greet you this side of border is Phuentsholing. The town has limited places to visit. The Kharbandi Gompa is quite famous which was built by the Queen Mother of Bhutan in 1960’s. There are a number of beautiful and serene paintings of Buddha in the temple. You will also find Guru Rinpoche statues in the temple. The murals here as well as in the monastic school make for beautiful pictures.

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2. Paro

Tamchoe Monastery Paro Bhutan

Famous for Tiger’s Nest or Paro Taktsang, the valley town of Paro is a dream come true for backpackers and hikers. Paro features prominently in all itineraries for Bhutan backpacking. You can also visit the National Museum as well as the beautiful Rinpung Dzong, the ruins of Drukgyel Dzong and Dungtse Lhakhang. The Chele La Pass, which you will cross on your way to Paro, is another beautiful place to be at to sneak a peek into the surrounding mountains. The traditional clothing, jewelry, and other pieces of Bhutanese culture make the town a must visit.

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3. Thimphu


This Bhutanese capital needs no introduction. On you way from Phuentsholing, it is preferred to cover Paro and then move onward to Thimphu. The city has the government seat as well as different Buddhist sites. You can visit Tashichho Dzong, Memorial Chorten and the Buddha Dordenma Statue to click beautiful pictures. There are a number of museums in Thimphu like the Folk Heritage Museum that will provide you a deeper insight into the Bhutanese culture. The Royal Textile Academy is another preferred place to explore the tradition of clothes and manuscripts in the country.

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4. Punakha


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Known for the Punakha Dzong, this valley town, located on the rivers Pho and Mo Chhu, receives a large number of tourists around the year. The beautiful palace is one of the most incredible buildings in the country built in the sixteenth century. During festivals, a visit to Punakha is even better for capturing the true Bhutanese essence.

What To Eat And Where

Head over to the Folk Heritage Museum restaurant in Thimphu, which is a great place to try Bhutanese cuisine. You can also try food at Champaca Cafe in Paro among other places. The Taktsang Cafe on way to Tiger’s Nest is a great place to have lunch while backpacking to Bhutan.

The Bhutanese cuisine is quite simple with limited usage of spices and oil. You will also find Nepalese and Indian food easily in the country. Eat traditional Datshi, which is a great option for vegetarians and a local cheese, and curries like beef and pork to ensure food quality. You will also get good thukpa and momos in different parts of the country.

tibetan handicrafts paro shopping bhutan

Government sanctioned shops like the Emporium in Thimphu are the best places to pick up authentic Bhutanese art and craft items, if you want, at affordable prices. You can also check out the local bazaars in Paro and Thimphu to buy local items. Do forget to negotiate, which will only help you land better deals. Oh, and always carry your cash instead of cards while shopping. Most Bhutanese places accept Indian currency as well, which makes it a lot easy to travel in the country.

Backpacking Cost In Bhutan

There are several cheap bed and breakfast as well as guest houses in different cities of Bhutan, which means you can easily find accommodation in budget. It is better to travel in groups, which will help you cut down the cost on stay as well as transportation. If you are solo backpacking in Bhutan, try and travel in shared taxis a lot. Considering all expenses, you can cover the country keeping your daily spend upto INR 1500 (accommodation, food plus getting around), which is quite economical.

A trip of backpacking in Bhutan is all you need to set your life in perspective. Plan your trip today with TravelTriangle to get the best deals ever!Make sure to gather your friends and spend some time in the sun among the most warm and friendly locals.

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3 Exciting Things To Do In Centre de Flacq You Can’t Leave Mauritius Without

Flacq in Mauritius is one of the happening districts on the island which is known for its metropolitan lifestyle. Not only it is happening but also the largest district in Mauritius. Centre de Flacq is one of the most developed and famous villages located right in the heart of Flacq district. You will surprisingly find a great variety of things to do in Centre de Flacq to make your visit worthwile.

The village is located on the eastern part of the island and offers an exciting range of activities for the visitors to engage in. Centre de Flacq is a town and the capital of Flacq district. It is a fully developed town and boasts of a number of shopping malls and other modern amenities that you would expect to have in a city. The town is inhabited by Indians, therefore, you will find quite a number of Indian restaurants in the town. If you are craving spicy Indian flavors, you can head to any of the Indian restaurants to satiate your taste buds. It has even got pleasant markets where you can go and enjoy shopping. Buy trinkets and souvenirs from your holiday during your visit to Centre de Flacq. You will find a Hindu Temple, Shir Sagar Mandir, where you may wish to visit. If you are bored with beaches and the touristy crowd, Centre de Flacq is a great place to escape to. Another thing it is famous for is the Poste de Flacq, a picturesque village in the town.

The best part about being in Centre de Flacq is that it is a central point on the island to go anywhere. It is well-connected with bus network to Port Louis. You can also make a visit to Rose Hill, Mahebourge, Trou d’Eau Douce, and even Lafayette.

Here is a bunch of things and activities that you will enjoy doing in Centre de Flacq during your visit on this part of the Mauritius island.

1. Deep Sea Fishing

Big Game Fishing in Mauritius

Game fishing is for people who love adventure, but not the usual way. Another of many water sports in Mauritius, it is a lot of fun and also gives you a great dish for dinner. There are overnight fishing expeditions too. But remember, this activity needs a lot of patience from your end. If you have never tried fishing before, then maybe it is a great opportunity for you to enter into the new waters. Who knows maybe you catch something amazing or precious? You won’t know until you try.

Adventure level: Easy
Where to try: Grand Bay and Black River
Swimming required: No
Tips: Talk to experts for quick and easy tips. Always put attention to details like your equipment and stuff. Pick your target well. And do proper homework. Best Season is July to October

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2. All The Way To Ile Aux Cerfs

 Ile Aux Cerfs

The island is known for its sandy beaches and gorgeous lagoon. It is the most popular island making it easily accessible. Tourists head to the island to spend a relaxing day, sunbathe, and try exciting water sports.

Any romantic couple who wants to enjoy the beauty of the island should try catamaran cruises Mauritius day tour. A day-long tour on your cruise will let you explore the beautiful island with the love of your life. You can either choose to try activities like snorkeling, deep sea diving or relax on the deck of your cruise to feel the wind and soak up some sun. Ile aux Cerfs is not just an island but a gateway to adventures. The privatte island os no less than a paradise with an array of activities already planned out for you.

On your Catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs, you can:

  • Try authentic Mauritian food at the Islands beach restaurants
  • Explore the flea market offering handmade goods
  • Try skiing, banana rides, parasailing etc

Average charges for an exclusive cruise: INR 5,000

Duration:-6 hrs

Services include: BBQ lunch, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic open bar

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3. Underwater Sea Walk Excursion

under water sea walking

How does walking on the seabed underwater sound like- Adventurous! Walk with the schools of fish in their natural habitat and discover the beautiful corals and fauna deep in the ocean. The lagoons on the island are the storehouse of exotic marine life. The thing with underwater sea walking is that anybody can do it as you don’t have to learn how to swim or dive unlike other sea activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Do not forget to grab a photo of you sea-walking surrounded by colorful fish after your experience is completed.

Ile aux Cerfs watersports price: Starting INR 800 onwards

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There are plenty of things to do in Centre de Flacq to enjoy your time on the island. If you are on your trip to Mauritius, it is recommended that you visit this part of the island and explore what it has to offer. Flacq is well connected to Port Louis and other regions of the island. You can even take a boat ride from Flacq to reach Ile aux Cerfs and other famous islets. Hope you have a great time on your holiday.

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10 Interlaken Restaurants Serving The Most Delicious Food In Switzerland

Although there are many restaurants present in Interlaken that serve good food, it is important to sort out the best restaurants to make your trip even better by cutting the time on experimentation and exploration. Here we have a list of the premier Interlaken restaurants serving some of the tastiest food available anywhere in the country and the world.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 10 cafes and restaurants in Interlaken for you to visit on your trip to Switzerland with your friends, family or solo. Take a look:

1. La Terrasse

La Terrasse

A restaurant acclaimed by the Michelin guide, La Terrasse, is the main restaurant present in the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel and Spa. The delicacies served here in the most luxurious ways will tempt you to question if you are really in Interlaken and the taste of the French food prepared here will have you lusting for more. Come here in your best attire on a pleasant day and sit outside on the roof overlooking the beautiful lakes and mountains in the Swiss Alps, enjoy a heavenly experience all by yourself.

Location: Höheweg 41, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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2. Goldener Anker

Goldener Anker

Goldener Anker is a must visit restaurant if you are planning to stay in Interlaken. A relatively small place offering almost all the cuisines in plates, the ambiance of the place is just the best thing. Enjoy some freshly prepared top quality food with live music as you chug in the local beer. Serving a myriad of vegetarian options, this place boasts of a family-like ambiance, friendly staff, and a salad bar.

Location: Marktgasse 57, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

3. The 3 Tells Irish Pub

The 3 Tells Irish Pub

What better place than an Irish pub to relax and socialize? The relaxing and laid back atmosphere of the pub tempts you to spend hours and hours here at a time. With a top of the shelf food menu, the food served here is absolutely delicious. Rightfully priced for the quality and quantity the place serves, this is perhaps the best place to relax in Interlaken.

Location: Hauptstrasse 49, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland

4. Little Thai

Little Thai

Visit this family-owned small restaurant serving authentic Asian food. Chug on the craft beer and some homemade cocktail while you eat some authentic Asian delicacies like pad thai, spring roll, Papaya Salad, and some steaming curries straight from Asia. It is a warm and welcoming place with super friendly people running the show here.

Location: Hauptstrasse 19, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland

5. Husi Bierhaus

Husi Bierhaus

Husi Bierhaus is popularly known as the beer paradise of Interlaken. Famous for the large varieties of beer and alcohols served here, this place is like a laid-back bar. Situated in the beautiful reaches of Alpine Switzerland, this place serves some of the best delicacies to accompany your beer. Popularly perceived to be costly, this friendly place is easy on the pocket.

Location: Postgasse 3, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

6. Café De Paris

Café De Paris

Situated in the Marketplatz, a 5-minute walk from the West Station, this is an authentic European Café serving popular European food like pasta, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and also European Course. Pretty popular for its wine selection and the cocktail menu to accompany with top-notch, this place is just like a Café out of those Five Star Hotels with rates which are friendly to the pocket.

Location: Marktgasse 14, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

7. KM Taj Mahal

KM Taj Mahal

No tourist destination in the world is complete without the vibrancy of an Indian restaurant. Considered the best of all the Indian Restaurants present in Interlaken, the Taj Mahal Restaurant serves some authentic Indian food prepared with the same techniques as prepared in India. Neither the presentation of food, not the ambiance of the restaurant all too fancy, it is just a simple place serving delicious and neatly presented Indian Food.

Location: Marktgasse 20, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

8. Pizzeria Horn

Pizzeria Horn

This an authentic Pizzeria serving authentic thin crust hand tossed Pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens. This Italian restaurant lets you choose from a large array of Salads, seafood, and pizzas all of which taste great. With an amazing wine cellar and in-house desserts and also a complimentary drink, this is unlike any authentic European diner in Switzerland.

Location: Strandbadstrasse, Harderstrasse 35, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

9. The Verandah

The Verandah

One of the highest rated restaurants in the city, The Verandah located inside the Hotel Royal St. Georges is a typical Swiss restaurant which serves authentic Swiss food. Known for its blend of authentic Swiss Cuisine with contemporary cuisine, this is a must visit restaurant especially for its desserts. This place sets itself apart from every other place especially for those in search of relaxing and laid back environment.

Location: Höheweg 139, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

10. Topo Met

Topo Met

Located on the terrace of Hotel Metropole, enjoy your cocktail or coffee and pastry at this restaurant while you sit atop the Metropole hotel and enjoy a panoramic view of Interlake. An informal and well-priced restaurant, this is a good place for relaxation. This place is a welcome change in the Swiss Cuisine dominated area of Interlaken. Come here and enjoy the authentic Asian food from people who love to do what they do.

Location: Höheweg 37, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

Combining the scenic beauty and serenity of Interlaken with the delicious food served in these 10 Interlaken restaurants makes it a top destination for any traveler traveling through Switzerland. Devour these culinary delights and let us know what you think. Make sure to share your reviews of the food of Switzerland.

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Great Singapore Sale: All About The Retail Therapy Event In The Lion City!

If the word ‘shopping’ makes your eyes sparkle and you belong to the category of people for whom traveling to new places is all about shopping and bagging a bargain, then pick an empty suitcase and get ready for the glamorous Great Singapore Sale. Sipping wine, sitting in your night suit and shopping online won’t get you 70 % discount but this astounding sale held in Singapore every year will surely offer you massive discounts. Look at your watch as it says shop’o clock and leave right away as the stunning shopping destinations in Singapore are calling you!

To make your shopping spree more enticing and easy, here is a detailed GSS guide for all those who can’t wait for the big event and are getting more excited day by day to attend the sale. Have a look at the guide and plan your spree as you like it to be!

Great Singapore Sale

Started in 1994 the Great Singapore Sale is an event organized by the Singapore Retailers Association with the help of malls and stores to promote the tourism industry in Singapore. This sale is attended by locals and tourists from all around the world. The Great Singapore Sale 2019 will offer 70% on all international and local brands.

Get ready to fill your shopping bags with best buys like jewelry, chic handbags, clothes, shoes, watches, electronics and more. Music concerts and amazing food outlets are the highlights of this sale. If you are lucky enough you may win the instant reward games which add the fun element in this event. The sale provides you an opportunity to shop, have fun, party and dine with your family or friends.



Wondering when is the great Singapore sale 2019? Great Singapore Sale is a month-long event held every year in the months of June and July. Many malls and locals stores participate in it and you can shop around the whole of Singapore to get the best deals.

Dates: 21 June – 28 July

Wondering which spots to cover on your shopping bonanza? Here is a list of places you must try on your vacation. Take a look!

1. Orchard Road

Orchard Road

A street filled with shopping malls and boutiques, Orchard road is the ultimate destination for those who are looking for high-brands like Dior and Armani. This street has many malls and boutiques where you can shop till you drop. When you are done with shopping you can have a delicious cup of coffee at the adorable cafes located on the street.

Location: Singapore

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2. Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall

Don’t like strolling around the streets? Don’t worry, head to Tanglin Mall and enjoy the Great Singapore Sale there. There are many fun activities organized here for the public while they shop around the mall. Many popular brands like The Body Shop, AkaMotif and more can be found in this mall.

Location: 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore

3. Orchard Central

Orchard Central

During the grand GS sale, the spas and restaurants also offer many discounts. Spa on your mind? Head to the Orchard Central building and go relax your senses. Once you are relaxed now you can again start shopping. Not only this building has all modern stores like Levis, Quicksilver, Miss Empire but also has many cafes which serve delectable snacks and drinks which you must try!

Location: 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore

What Else Can You Do

Singapore takes pride in its authentic local cuisines and when you are there you must indulge in the scrumptious flavors of the local dishes. A platform for all gastronomes to try the culinary delights of the country is the Singapore Food Festival which is held every year. This festival is also held in the month of July. So, while you are satiating the shopaholic in you, why not pay some attention to the foodie in you?

Dates: 12 July – 28 July


Here are a few pointers for all those who are all up for some shopping extravaganza in Singapore!

  • Go and shop for the costliest items, first so that you can save money.
  • Buy designer clothes and branded apparels from the sale as the prices are quite low.
  • Ask locals for some suggestions as they know the markets and prices properly.
  • To enjoy the sale properly keep yourself hydrated as shopping can exhaust you.
  • Participate in the lucky draws and instant reward games to fill your day with fun and thrill.
  • Use Debit cards and Credit cards that provide instant cashbacks and discounts
  • Carry enough currency to travel around the markets.

Shopping is really cheaper than therapy! So, why not relax your senses and spend some time shopping away from your daily life? If you would agree to that, then wait for the Great Singapore Sale to start, pick the biggest bags you have and plan your shopping expedition in Singapore with TravelTriangle right away! Do leave some comments after you have raided all the stores and malls in Singapore!

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3 Bars In Port Louis To Experience The Best Of City’s Nightlife!

Finding yourself baffled amidst the streets of Port Louis on your Mauritius trip is surely an experience every traveler has while looking for that perfect place to dine, wine, and enjoy. But the busy streets there often take him or her by surprise by bringing amidst a plethora of options to choose from. While it’s a win-win from one perspective, it’s time hampering from another. So, if you don’t wish to lose out on your precious moments and want to make the most of them at the same time, the best way is to make a list of the bars in Port Louis you wish to stop by already.

But where should you go and why? If this is the next question on your mind, then fret not, because we have got you covered! Below are the best bars in the region where you can experience it all in just one evening.

Here’s a list of the top-notch bars in Port Louis that offer a soothing ambience, mouth-watering cuisines, friendly hospitality, and even live music band nights to make your evening a memorable one. Take a look!

1. Lambic Beer Bar


This restaurant is one of the most established restaurants in Port Louis and if you are a beer lover then this is your go-to place. Lambic Beer Bar is actually a brewery that serves up freshly brewed beer to the customers along with delicious European and Mauritian food. You will also find here 136 types of imported beer, 46 types of whiskey, and 43 types of tea. The most famous dishes of this place are chef’s salad, Angus steak, venison steak, fish and chips and fish and mussels broth. Also, this place provides the best services.

Address: St Georges St, Port Louis, Mauritius
Timings: 8 AM – 10 PM

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2. Côte Jasmin Jardin Bar

garden bar in port louis

Built like a half garden and a half bar, this is one of the most unique places to visit in Mauritius that would definitely leave you surprised. Its charming interiors, heartwarming hospitality, and mouth-watering cuisines make it a hidden paradise in the busy streets of Port Louis. The trendy cocktails at the bar add on to the many flavors that this place offers. And the live music nights every Friday makes it outshine every other place in the area!

Address: 9b, rue Saint Georges, Port Louis, Mauritius
Timings: 9 AM – 11 PM (closed on Sunday)

3. Santana Bar

american food in port louis bar

This is one of the finest Mauritian bars for both locals and travelers alike servicing delicious homemade food on your platter. As amusing as this place seems from outside, it is from the inside. If you’re looking for good food and chilled beer, stop looking farther because this is the best place to be in the whole of Port Louis. Topped up with great hospitality, this place will surely make you want to come back time and again.

Address: 200 A2, Port Louis, Mauritius
Timings: 10 AM – 7 PM (closed on Sunday)

Now that you have your list of the bars you wish to visit in Port Louis on your next trip ready, it is the perfect time to holiday in Mauritius with TravelTriangle, personalize your trip itinerary, and get packing already. After all, good food and great cocktails should never be kept waiting. Right?

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Top 5 Things To Do In Arsenal Pamplemousses On Your Exotic Mauritian Vacation

A popular district in Mauritius, Pamplemousse makes for an exciting place to visit on your Mauritian vacation. The district is located in the northwest part of the island and is densely populated. There are myriad things to do in Arsenal Pamplemousse which is why you must add this place to your itinerary if you already have not. Visit its beautiful gardens, enjoy the vibrant nightlife at its exotic bars and pubs, check out the food scene, and introduce yourself to the colonial past of Mauritius.

As interesting as it names sounds, Pamplemousse means grapefruit in French. Dutch people introduced this fruit that they got from Java on the island. Hence, the name. After Port Blair and Grand Baie, Pamplemousse is the next best place visited by tourists. However, you will find a sheer contrast in this town as compared with its famous counterparts. The town is quiet and peaceful. So, if you want to get away from all the touristy hustle-bustle of Port Blair and Grand Baie, then you should come to this place. Whether you are a family traveling with kids or lovebirds on a romantic vacation, this place has something to offer to everybody.

If you are worried about whether this town has appropriate options for accommodation, then you can rest assured. You will find not only great hotels to stay but also fine-dining restaurants where you can have the ultimate gastronomic experiences. Tingle your taste buds with the taste of sumptuous Mauritian cuisine. Chez Tante Athalie and Le Fangourin are some of the best places for dining. Visit the sugar factory, take a private rum tasting tour, or a Casela safari with your family.

Discover the best things to do in Pamplemousse to make your visit to this quaint little town in Mauritius an exciting and fulfilling one.

1. Shopping

Go for shopping in Mauritius - shopping paradise

Being on a honeymoon is all the more reason to go shopping on this exotic island. The island is a shopping paradise with reasonable prices, quality products and amazing range. Some of the places to visit in Mauritius for shopping include Grand Baie Bazar, Goodlands, Quatre Bornes and so on. Take advantage of the situation and buy that seductive dress you always wanted to wear while out with him!

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2. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Explore the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden with your partner in Mauritius

The southern hemisphere of the island houses one of the oldest of its kind botanical garden. The lush landscape is certainly one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Explore the variations in species with more than 85 varieties of palm trees and other flora. Apart from the greenery, the fish ponds laid beautifully inside are worth visiting on your Mauritius honeymoon.

Entry Fee: INR 100 per person

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3. Parasailing

Parasailing combines the fun of sky and water sports in Mauritius

Parasailing in Mauritius is a great sport to start with. It not just gives you a birds-eye view of the lagoons, but also an unmatched thrill. This is the best place to lose yourself in the magnificent turquoise waters and their vastness. The duration differs from place to place, but basically a parasailing flight is about 5 to 15 minutes. Parasailing is a thrilling sport but make sure you double check your safety gears and harnesses before taking off.

Adventure level: Moderate
Where: Grand Baie, Trou deau Douce, and Ile aux Cerfs.
Swimming required: No
Tips: If you carry your camera, make sure that you strap it properly.

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4. Underwater Sea Walking

Underwater sea walking is absolutely among Mauritius water sports.

The name says it all! Try underwater sea walking if you want to explore the rich sea life. It might be a little scary at the beginning, but it is worth it. Compared to other water sports activities in Mauritius, this gives you the best underwater experience. Going out on a walk on the sea floor can also be a romantic thing to do for sporty couples.

Adventure level: Moderate
Where to try: Trou deau Douce and Port Louis
Swimming required: No
Tips: The underwater walk is not suitable for children below 7. Remember to get a swimsuit and a towel.

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5. Mauritian Spas



Taking a relaxing spa therapy at one of the local spas is one of the best things to do on a honeymoon in Mauritius. Of these Mauritian spas, the ones at the Four Seasons Resort at Anahita is the most popular one. The resort offers a blend of Indian, African, Chinese, and European therapeutic spas.

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When in Pamplemousse next time, make sure you tick off all these things to do in the town. The reason these things have made to the list is that the place is famous for these experiences. Therefore, next time you take a trip to Mauritius and find yourself in Pamplemousse, you know what to do to make your holiday on the island a memorable one.

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From 5 Year Olds To 50 Year Olds: Discover Why Bali Finds Place In Everyone’s Heart!

Gaurav Krishna Kamath, working in the food and hospitality industry, took a trip to Bali with his family this November. He said it turned out to be everything he wanted! Traveling abroad for the first time with his wife, in-laws, mother and children, the entire package for 5 adults and 2 kids (including sightseeing for all travelers) cost him Rs. 1,59,460!

I have traveled to various places across the country. The main criteria while looking for a foreign destination was a good deal and a location that could appease every age group (ranging from 5 to the 50s) of my family. Luckily, Bali turned out to be everything I wanted and more!

The trip happened to be more than just a holiday for us. An adventure for my wife and me, the perfect change for the older generation and a learning experience for the children. The eight days were a combination of relaxation and excitement with the help of the personally customized package provided by TravelTriangle and Niket Tripathi, my travel agent.

Day 1 – Hello Bali!

Our lovely welcome to beautiful Bali

Post reaching Bali, we checked into Rama Candidasa Resort & Spa. We spent the day relaxing and taking off the exhaustion from our journey. We enjoyed the resort by taking an enjoyable dip in the pool and having an excellent dinner. We ended the day early since we had an early start the next day.

Day 2 – Bali Bird Park and Uluwatu Temple

Beautiful view of a clear sky and blue water from the Uluwatu Temple

We started our journey to the Bali Bird Park quite early in the morning. It was a wonderful experience as we got to experience a wide variety of birds in their natural habitat. It was all the more enjoyable and educational for the children as they learned about how the birds are kept and trained.

After the Bird Park, we visited the Garuda Wisnu Cultural Park and the Uluwatu Temple. In the former we saw the gigantic statues of Garuda and Vishnu alongside a small cultural dance performance and a music show. The Uluwatu Temple is located on top of a hill which requires an exhausting climb to reach the temple. However, it was worth the effort. On reaching there, the view was completely breathtaking and serene, with the clear waves crashing against the shore. The Kecak dance performance with the sunset in the background was another experience altogether. They depicted the entire Ramayana with just their expressions and movements, which made incredibly special.

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The day ended at about 8 PM as we went back from the temple for a relaxing dinner at Jimbaran Bay.

Day 3 – From Kintamani Tourists to Coffee Makers!

Beautiful Batur Temple on a clear sunny morning

Early morning, we made our way for the Kintamani tour. It began with a stop at the Batur temple, which was a beautiful historical and religious site. As we made our journey to Kintamani, the weather improved as we went up the hill. It became incredibly pleasant and a little bit of rain enhanced the experience. On reaching, we had a great buffet lunch which added to the enjoyment of the mesmerizing view.

Discovering the exciting art of coffee making

On our way back, we stopped to enjoy some local fruits and then ended our day with a visit to the Coffee Plantation. It was another enriching visit as we got to learn and make the local type of coffee ourselves. We even got the opportunity to try 8 to 12 different types of coffee.

Day 4 – The adventures of Lembongan Island

Stunning underwater view while Seawalking

We took a full day Lembongan Island Cruise. It was enjoyable both for the family and adults. The island itself was a beauty. During the cruise, we undertook many activities. I went underwater as a sea walker for the first time. The experience was amazing, as I’d never seen such clear water and such a wide variety of fishes before. My mother, being a non-swimmer, was excited to do the same. My father-in-law had fun scuba diving while we took the unlimited banana boat rides.

The cruise in itself provided with some excellent facilities as we spent the day listening to live music and enjoying the snacks provided to us. The staff was cooperative and very helpful throughout.

The day came to an end with a two-hour massage for all of us at the Bali Orchid Spa, which was something we have not done before.

Day 5 – Lunch with the Lions

Enjoying beautiful sunny Bali

We spent the entire day at the Bali Safari and Marine Park, watching and learning about the wildlife present there. There were various educational shows with regard to animal conservation, which was educational for both the children and adults. Lunch was at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant where we enjoyed our meal with a view of the tigers walking around.

We went to the Theme Park where we took a boat ride through the forest. This gave us the opportunity to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. We also saw the Bali Agung Show, which was an insight into the history and culture of the country, in a Hollywood movie like manner.

The day ended with a visit to the Marine Park where the adults relaxed in the pool while the children went on the various rides.

Day 6 – Bratan Lake and Tanah Lot Temple’s Beauty

Visiting the historically stunning Bratan Temple

We started our day with a visit to the Bratan Lake Temple. Although, we got off to a rough start in the morning with the driver losing his way, the view of the lake made up for it. It was great to take a leisurely walk around the same. Post this, we enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet and made our way to the Tanah Lot Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple was a truly special experience because I had promised my mother that I would take her to that place a long time ago, and to be finally be able to act upon it was a moment of pride for me.

Beautiful sunset at the sea view from Tanah Lot

After that, we enjoyed a little session of street shopping around the place and made our way back to the temple to watch the sunset. Thousands of people had arrived just to see the picture perfect view. It was gorgeous and watching the environment change was a once in a lifetime experience.

Day 7 – Water Sports and Shopping

Fun filled Banana Road undertaken by all age groups of the family

We started with doing certain water sport activities like doughnut ride, banana boat ride, parasailing, etc. We also visited the Turtle Island in a glass boat. We got to spend time learning about turtles and were able to hold a few of them along with bats and snakes in our hands.

Adorable children holding some bats

The evening was spent shopping at the famous Krishna Market and visiting a few malls.

Day 8 – Home Bound

Beautiful view of Kintamani, Bali

The last morning in Bali, we checked out of our hotel in the morning to check out. We left early to make it to our afternoon flight

Beautiful view from the resort of Bali

The country was well maintained and it was great to experience the simplicity of the people of the country.

Overall, our guide was helpful and present throughout the trip to make sure we were comfortable. We were able to enjoy the local cuisine including a lot of seafood. The trip was real value for money, as the food wasn’t very expensive and the sightseeing was done at an economical price. All our arrangements were made efficiently, with a very professional driver and staff.

Wow Moment: The beaches and the water. Bali was incredibly well kept in comparison to our country. I didn’t expect the religious areas of worship to be as strong.

Low Moment: Didn’t face any major drawbacks as such. We missed out on the motorboat ride at the Bratan Temple as we arrived a little late.

Tips for the future travelers: Sunset occurs a lot earlier than expected, so one should start their day early to make the most of beautiful Bali!

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Top 4 Islands Near Balaclava Ruins That Are Your Perfect Hideouts In Mauritius

Once you have explored the charming Balaclava Ruins in Mauritius which introduced you to the enthralling history of the island, you should then check out the beautiful islands near Balaclava ruins. Mauritius is famous for its picturesque islands, white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. What better way there is to explore all these islets than hopping from one island to another. Each island is unique in terms of flora-fauna, scenic landscapes, and culture. Not only this, you get an opportunity to enjoy the adventurous water activities like snorkeling and surfing. Go underwater and unravel the boastful coral reefs that this island nation is famous for. You will even find national parks and a golf course undulating with verdant greenery. A day or two is enough on each one of these islands to have a fun-filled experience and explore everything around.

Apart from that, you can also venture out for hiking, jungle walks, and ocean cruises. Do not forget to taste the local Mauritian cuisine that includes fresh seafood right from the ocean. Taste squids, snail, oysters, and crabs at the local seafood restaurants on these islands. Do the Sega Dance with the locals, catch fish from the sea, and watch bewitching sunsets with your partner on these islands. As far as accommodation is concerned, you will find a number of lush resorts where you can enjoy 5-star services and warm hospitality. Be it having tropical breakfast on waters, lazing off in the infinity pool, or having private access to the beach, these resorts will offer you everything you have dreamt of.

If you are worried about how to reach these islands, then you can rest assured that these islands are perfectly accessible by a boat ride. A few of these islands are remotely located making a perfect escape for vacation-deprived people and love birds. So, if you want a holiday where no one disturbs you, you know where to hide. You can book a cruise package which includes transfers, stay, and unique experiences to have on the island.

After you have visited the historical ruins of Balaclava and enjoyed other interesting activities like turtle watching and beach hopping, here are some of the islands near Balaclava Ruins that you should visit next on your list when visiting Mauritius:

1. Isle Aux Cerfs

Isle aux Cerfs shutterstock_15421114

Surrounded by white sand dunes and turquoise blue lagoon, Isle aux Cerfs is a stunningly beautiful beach of Mauritius. The place is a perfect spot for Mauritius snorkeling and one can swim and spot exotic marine species like blacktip groupers, blue stripe snappers, and sunbream.

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2. Flat Island

Catamaran Cruise to Flat Island

On the North of Mauritius, lies Flat Island; the island is part of Mauritius Northern Islands which include Round Island and Gabriel Island. Flat Island is bigger than these two islands, with a wide variety of flora.

Soak up some sun, while you lie on your luxurious cruise deck. Let the beauty of different islands refresh and thrill you. If you wish to explore Flat island, then hire a catamaran cruise to enjoy a full day in Sun, relish delicious food, gulp down sweet wine, and relax all day long.

Flat Island is relatively unknown, which makes it a perfect hideaway for romantic couples. On your demand, the cruise staff can cook meals for you or arrange a romantic dinner or lunch date. You can either get a Mauritius honeymoon package-with Catamaran cruise-for a better deal or can hire your own luxurious cruise when you get there.

On your Catamaran cruise to Flat Island, you can:

  • Experience breathtaking scenery all around
  • Explore local marine life
  • Snorkel inside the lagoon

Average charges for an exclusive cruise: INR 52,000

Duration: 7 hrs 30 mins

Services include:–Breakfast, lunch, nonstop alcoholic, non-alcoholic open bar, live music, snorkeling, sightseeing, and a lot more

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3. Gabriel Island

Gabriel Island catamaran

Couples who want to get away from the hustle-bustle can take a day-long catamaran cruise ride to Gabriel Island. The island is one of the best places to spend some quality time with your loved one and relax. You can also choose to take a short trip around the island without getting off your cruise, but you must not a skip this wonderful island.

On your Catamaran cruise to Gabriel Island, you can:

  • Relax on the clean beach of Gabriel Island
  • Try deep diving and snorkeling
  • Relax on the cruise and have a romantic dinner

Average charges for an exclusive cruise: INR 52,000

Duration: 7 hrs 30 mins

Services include: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (non-veg and veg), live music, water sports, BBQ etc

4. Ile Aux Aigrettes Island

Enjoy boating

The island of Ile Aux Aigrettes is just off the coast of Mahebourg and as you get on to the boat you can watch the pretty harbor of Mahebourg in all its glory. The boats, sea birds and coast looks really beautiful from the ocean. The island looks like an emerald popping out of the sea. Reserve a seat in the boat early so you can catch the sunrise.
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Whether you are going on your honeymoon or a vacation with family, visiting these islands near Balaclava ruins should definitely be on your list. It is an exciting way to go offbeat and explore the island of Mauritius beyond its capital, Port Louis. These beautiful islands are the gateway to Mauritius best kept natural secrets. Stumble upon beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, reefs, and rich Mauritian culture. Mauritius is a great place for a tropical vacation if you are craving sipping margaritas by the beach and enjoying tangerine sunsets on the boat. A week-long holiday in Mauritius will kill all your vacation blues and will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed. Bring along your bikinis and tons of sunscreen to have the best of Mauritius on these islands.

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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park In South Africa

With an area of over 3.6 million hectares, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a huge wildlife preserve that is home to a variety of birds and animals. It is situated in the Kalahari desert region of South Africa and Botswana, while also sharing border with Namibia. It belongs to the league of very few conservation parks that are incredibly huge in terms of area.

About Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is situated in the western part of South Africa, in the famous Kalahari Desert. It spreads across the two countries of South Africa and Botswana while also touching Namibia, to form one of the biggest conservation areas in the entire world. This amazing park is actually an amalgamation of the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park of South Africa and the Gemsbok National Park situated in Botswana.

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Best Time To Visit Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Observing wildlife is Kgalagadi is great, any time of the year. But, it gets even more better at the end of the rains, as large number of animals are easily spotted near ponds. It is advised to not visit Kgalagadi during Summer as the temperatures here are very high during this time. The cooler months of May – September are considered the best months to visit Kgalagadi Transfrontier park.

How To Reach Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

There are various means to reach Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Some of them are listed below. Take a look and plan your excursion to the park accordingly.

By Air: One can take a charter flight into the park from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Upington and Maun, but this requires prior arrangements as well as the park’s permission. There are daily flights to Upington, from where you can hire a car and reach the park by yourself.
By Road: There are two routes that travelers coming from Gauteng can choose from. They can go through the Upington route or opt for the Kuruman and Vanzylsrus route.

Where To Stay At Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The main camps at this park are Twee Rivieren, Mata-Mata, and Nossob, all offering camping sites as well as wilderness camps. You can stay at the any of the wilderness camps to get an almost-real experience of living in the wild as these camps are not fenced and there is only one tourism assistant on duty all the time. Twee Rivieren is the largest rest camp here.

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There are several things for you to do at Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park that go beyond wildlife safaris. Here’s a look at some of these incredibly exciting things:

1. Hakskeenpan: Mountain Biking

mountain biking

Hakskeenpan is a huge salt & mud pan in the Mier region of Kalahari Desert in South Africa. It is a beautiful part of this park that offers activities like sand boarding, MTB trails as well as 4×4 trails. The trail for Mountain Biking can start anywhere on the Pan as the Pan is absolutely flat with no hills whatsoever. People can also visit Eierdop Koppies, known as the Lost City of the Kalahari, that is situated quite close.

2. Nossob: Go On An Eco Trail

Go On An Eco Trail

Extending between the Nossob river and the Twee Rivieren river, the Nossob 4×4 Eco Trail is around 214 km long and requires about 85 hours to complete. It is situated on the border of South Africa and Botswana. The drivers are challenged on the sand dunes and sandy stretches here, and it is thus, mandatory to take one of the qualified guides here along with you.

3. Auchterlonie Museum: Take A Walk Through History

Take A Walk Through History

This museum gives you an idea about the lifestyle of people living here over 100 years ago. This museum is actually a small restored stone & thatch cottage with two shuttered windows. The cottage is only enough to accommodate a table, a bed, and a few chairs. The Auchterlonie museum thus gives a great insight into the history of the people living here as well as the history of the park.

Make sure to visit Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on your trip to Africa for an experience of the wilderness that goes beyond safaris. If safaris is your cup of tea, then this trip will be worth every penny spent.

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