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3 Best Water-sports In Ilot Gabriel Beach Mauritius For A Fun Packed Vacay

Mauritius is one place that you can count on for providing umpteen thrilling activities and fun places to visit on your holiday- be it a honeymoon or a family trip or may even be a solo trip too! The enchanting views are nothing less than a snorkeler’s paradise as this place has vibrant marine life having colourful diverse flora and fauna beneath the surface. That’s right! The turquoise blue waters of water-sports in Ilot Gabriel beach, Mauritius as this place stores more secrets than you can imagine. But that’s not all. A serene walk on the beach or drinking with your friends at the pubs here is also a unique experience that this land offers!

So, while all this makes for a wonderful holiday, don’t forget to shop through the various cultural hubs of the towns that have the beautiful hand craftsmanship of the artisans and locals residing in the place. Not only will it promote the artists, it will also make a good souvenir adding more value to your memorable holiday. Water-sports in Ilot Gabriel, one of the most pristine beaches in Mauritius also awaits great views and has plenty of marine life in store for all tourists. So, head straight to this beach for a fun packed experience while you’re here.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the adventurous water sports in Ilot Gabriel Beach in Mauritius while you’re out and about in this charming land. Take a look to know more about it.

1. Cave Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking in blue waters of Mauritius

A rather easy one among various water sports holiday in Mauritius, kayaking allows you to explore the mysterious islands and caves. You can opt for a single kayak or a double kayak. The best part is that you can discover a lot more on your own. If starting from Pointe Aux Sable, paddle through the water and discover the gorgeous basalt rock gardens while entering in the stunning rock caves. You will be left spellbound with the beautiful sights you witness on this journey.

Adventure level: Moderate to Difficult
Where: The Cliffs of Albion in the Mauritius West Coast; starting point is Pointe Aux Sable.
Swimming required: No
Tips: Pack extra pair of clothes, sunscreen, towels and comfortable sandals. You can also opt for Cave Sea Kayaking classes. Yemaya Adventures offers various courses.

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2. Underwater Scooter

Underwater scooter in Mauritius

How about going on a scooter ride into the ocean- Take romance to a whole new level with underwater scooter, the latest to enter the exciting world of adventure activities in Mauritius. Perfect for couples, the experience is pretty much like scuba diving.

Adventure level: Easy
Where to try: Grand Bay and Trou aux Biches
Swimming required: No
Tips: Wear comfortable flats. Also, get your own swimwear or shorts and swimwear.

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3. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Mauritius

In Mauritius, the scuba diving scene is absolutely fascinating. Enjoy the colorful marine life and the peaceful silence of the sea as you dive into it. And this sport is not limited to the diving experts only. Non-swimmers can scuba dive as well, but if you know how to swim, scuba diving in Mauritius can be an exhilarating experience.

Adventure level: Moderate
Where to try: Colorado and Roche Zozo located off Blue Bay on the southern coast of Mauritius.
Swimming required: Preferably
Tips: To get the best out of your diving experience in Mauritius contact with accredited dive centers such as the Ocean Spirit Diving Center in P-reyb-re or Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving in Tamarin. They are totally safe and will give you proper guidance.

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Planning a trip can be a bit of a hassle and we bet this would help you get the best of your trip to this serene land. While you’re still deciding whether to head to this place or not, make sure you pack a minimal number of beach clothes to have an unstoppable fun packed vacation with your loved ones. Exploring the famous Ilot Gabriel beach in Mauritius is nothing less than a calming experience as snorkeling through the turquoise waters lets you witness the parallel side of the vibrant marine life that exists under water. Even if you’re heading out for a soothing beach walk, it will provide you all the calming vibes you need for a Mauritian vacay. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Mauritius for an amazing holiday experience like never before!

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3 Restaurants In Tamarin In Mauritius That Every Food Lover Must Visit!

Located on the western coast of Mauritius, Tamarin is a beautiful and quaint village. While the place is home to some of the most beautiful places, it also houses some of the top-notch eateries. The restaurants in Tamarin are like none other in the whole country and everything from their ambiance to food justifies that well. On top of that, some of the places also have great music playing or top artists performing which is guaranteed to make your visit memorable and mesmerizing. So, if you’re visiting Mauritius anytime soon, take a note of these best restaurants where you’ve got to stop by for a meal!

Here’s a list of the top restaurants in Tamarin, Mauritius where you can taste the best flavors of not just the local cuisine, but also that of Italian, American, and other seafood concoctions. Take a look!

1. Dix Neuf Restaurant

sitting of Dix Neuf Restaurant Mauritius

Overlooking a green carpet golf-course, the Dix Neuf Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Mauritius set in typical African Savannah style. Even though the menu does not feature a huge variety of dishes but the limited ones are perfectly prepared, keeping the authentic flavors intact, while providing a dash of local touch. This is one of the best seafood restaurants in Mauritius. This is a great place to enjoy the last meal of the day.

Must Try: Seafood Basket, and Mauritian Basket
Location: Tamarina Golf Estate, Tamarin Bay, Tamarin
Timings: 7 am to 7 pm
Cuisine: European, Fusion, and Mauritian
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5

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2. Big Willy’s

wine and fries in big willy's

Opened back in 2009, the Big Willy’s has gradually become one of the most happening restaurants in Tamarin. While the music here is hands down amongst the world’s best, the food is top-notch in quality too. Each one of its guests have come back time and again for the value for money experience that they have had here. Needless to say, it is a must visit on your trip to Mauritius.

Must Try: Chicken Skewers and White Mushrooms Linguine
Location: Le Barachois, Tamarin, Mauritius
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm
Cuisine: Mauritian, French, and American
TripAdvisor Ratings: 5/5

3. Cosa Nostra

italian restaurant in tamarin

A popular pizza joint, La Cosa Nostra is a great restaurant to satiate all your Italian cravings. It is famous for its speedy service, friendly hospitality, and luscious dishes. The restaurant is also known for housing some of the best wines from France, South Africa, and Italy. So, if you’re a wine lover, make sure you don’t forget to order a bottle for you and your loved ones.

Must Try: Thin Crust Pizza and Special Wine
Location: Anthurium Ln, Tamarin, Mauritius
Timings: 10 am to 3 pm, and 6 pm to 10 pm
Cuisine: Italian
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5

Excited to plan your next lunch or dinner at these restaurants? Then, don’t keep yourself waiting. Just pick your dates and plan your holiday in Mauritius with TravelTriangle right away! A gastronomical ride with some of the most luscious flavors awaits you. And not to forget, inspiring music tracks too! We are sure you’d be delighted enough to visit Tamarin again in your life!

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9 Lakes In Norway Worth Exploring On Your Dream Vacation To Europe

It will not be superficial to say that Norway is the land of lakes. There are almost half a million lakes in Norway which are identified. The total estimated area covered by lakes is estimated as 17,100 km square. It is said that the most of the lakes are evolved due to glacier erosion. There are freshwater lakes and there are few deepest lakes in the country named Hornindalsvantnet (514m) and Salsvatnet (464 m).

It would not be possible to cover all the lakes in a single frame but we tried to feature some of the major lakes in Norway in this blog:

1. Rossvatnet

Reflection of mountain and lake

Spread in the area of around 219 square kilometres, this is the second largest lake of Norway after Mjosa. Rossvatnet is a beautiful lake existed from the long time ago, serves as a lake as well as a reservoir. The lake is 240 metres deep with the volume of about 15 cubic kilometres. You can witness a picturesque view of the amazing Northern Lights from here.

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2. Mosvatnet

ship on the lake

Scattered in the area of about 78 square kilometres, this is the tenth largest lake in Norway. The lake lies in the watershed of the Skein river and drained into the Mana river. The lake also make its contribution in hydroelectric production as it is one of the few lake where one can found Norway’s highest mountain farms.

3. Randsfjorden


With an estimated area of about 138 square kilometres and depth of 120 metres, this lake is also considered as one of the largest lakes in Norway. The lake is 135 metres above sea level. Derived its name from fjord which means a saltwater inlet, this is one of the prominent freshwater lake located in the country of Oppland in the districts of Land and Hadeland. This is a narrow shaped lake on a north-south axis.

4. Tyrifjorden

boat on the lake

The Lake is located 40 kilometres northwest of Oslo with area of 137 square kilometres. Being the 295 meters deep this is the fifth largest lake of Norway. The name of this lake is derived from the word ‘tyri’ which means old or dead wood and records says that the lake was known as Tyri in beginning. The primary source of the lake is Begna River, which discharge into Tyrifjorden at Honefoss. Vikersund is the primary outlet of the lake near to the southwest corner of the lake, where Tyrifjorden drained into the Drammenselva River.

5. Snasavatnet

Snasavatnet lake

This Lake is located in the municipalities of Steinkjer and Snasa in Trondelag County. Being the sixth largest lake of Norway, it is spread in the area of 120 square kilometres. The beautiful lake is covered with villages of Folling and Sunnan at South-western end and village of Snasa at North-eastern end. The lake is 24 metres above the sea level and a railway line called Nordlandsbanen runs along the southern shore. This is one of the few lakes which are evolved due to glacier erosion.

6. Tunnsjoen

lake surrounded by large trees

This beautiful lake lies in the south of a large lake known as Limingen and spread in the area of 100.18 square kilometres. The lake lies in the municipalities of Royrvik and Lierne in Trondelag County. This lake is 358 metres above the sea level and lies in just west of the border with Sweden. Tourists can enjoy a lot of heroic and daredevil activities like hiking, cycling, water-rafting, skiing and snowmobiling around here.

7. Limingen


Being the 8th largest lake of Norway in Europe, it lies 418 metres above the sea level with an area of around 93 square kilometres. The lake is located in the municipalities of Royrvik and Lierne in Trondelag County just north of the other lake,Tunnsjoen. This is one of the few lake which is regulated by dams. There are various museums in the surrounding areas.

8. Oyeren

Dry lake

With a surface area of around 85 square kilometres, this is the ninth largest lake of the Norway. The lake is located in the municipalities of Enebakk, Skedsmo Fet and Raelingen in Akershus County and Spydeberg and Trogstad municipalities in Ostfold County. The name of this lake is derived from an island. We suggest you to arrive early at the lake.

9. Femunden

Silent lake

This is one of the largest natural lakes in Norway and not to forget the third largest lake. The lake lies in the serene area which has the border of Femundsmarka National Park in the north-east part of the lake which also located in the municipality of Engerdal and some other parts in municipality of Os and Roros. The lake is spread around in the area of 204 square kilometres with a depth of 130 metres.

Book a Europe trip right away to visit these fascinating lakes in Norway. There are a range of things to do at these spots: you can plan a romantic picnic with your partner or indulge in some of the most thrilling water sport activities, the sky is the limit. There’s no shortage of things you can do. Make the most of your time by visiting these lakes now!

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10 Major Rivers In Australia: The Lifeline Of The Land Down Under

The Australian continent is popular for the quantity and quality of beaches it consists of. And while these beaches are amongst the best beaches in the world, Australia also consists of some of the most beautiful rivers that are located at various parts of the country. Rivers in Australia are plenty in number, with the occasional cruises being held on these rivers.

This article presents you with some of the best rivers in Australia that you can visit on your trip to this fascinating country. Take a look at the list:

1. Cooper Creek

Cooper Creek

One of the major rivers of not just the country, but the Australian continent, this beautiful river flows through the states of Queensland and South Australia. Flowing for over 1300 kilometers, it is also called as the Barcoo river due to its right tributary. The Cooper Creek is amongst the three most significant rivers that flow into the Lake Eyre basin. It is also the second longest inland river system in the Australian continent.

Where: Lake Eyre, Far North, South Australia, Australia.

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2. Daintree River

Daintree River

Flowing between Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation, into the splendid coral sea, the Daintree river can aptly be attributes as one of the most densely populated mangrove estuaries in the world. The river also boasts of being the only place displaying a merger of the rainforest and the reef, on our planet. Home to an ecosystem consisting of 150 fish species, 100 crustaceans as well as consisting 30 of Australia’s 38 mangrove species, the Daintree river has become a popular tourist destination over the years.

Where: Within wet tropics of Queensland, Australia.

3. Murray River

Murray River

Flowing through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia for a whopping 2520 kilometres, this is the longest river in the continent, while it is the third longest navigable river in the world. Visiting the Mungo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most popular activities that tourists indulge in, along this river. It also hosts the world’s largest canoe race every year. Home to four dams and sixteen storage weirs along its banks, this river is the primary source of water supply for around 1.5 million households.

Where: Australian Alps, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

4. Gordon River

Gordon River

A major perennial river in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Gordon River flows for over the course of 172 kilometres. Proudly nesting in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, this river is the perfect summer destination for a cozy getaway with friends or family. Tourists can indulge in activities like rafting or canoeing while there are also daily cruises every day that take you through the river’s dense forests.

Where: King William Range, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Australia.

5. Noosa River

Noosa River

Situated in the Cooloola region of the Great Sandy National Park, the Noosa River is a spectacular river that enters the Pacific Ocean at Noosa. Kin Kin and Teewah Creeks are the two main tributaries on this river. Tourists can indulge in a variety of water sports as well as cruises here. Lakesides of several lakes on this river provide excellent camping sites that are also popular destinations for family picnics and summer getaways.

Where: Cooroibah, Queensland, Australia.

6. Derwent River

Derwent River

Rising in Tasmania’s Central Highlands at Lake St Clair, the Derwent River descends 2300 feet over 200 kilometres. Named after the River Derwent in Cumbria in England, this fascinating river is primarily used for boating, marine transportation, industry, and recreational purposes. Various tributaries of this river are also useful in the generation of hydro-electricity with several dams being built on them in the 20th century. The lower Derwent river is the primary source of water supply for Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

Where: Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Central Highlands, Tasmania, Australia.

7. Yarra River


A perennial river in the east-central part of Victoria, Yarra river flows for over 242 kilometres west through the Yarra Valley to the Port Phillip. The Melbourne city was established on the lower stretches of this wonderful river way back in 1835. Initially a significant source of food as well as a meeting place for the native Australians, today the river has busiest container shipment area in Australia.

Where: Yarra Ranges National Park, Victoria Central Highlands, Australia.

8. Swan River

Swan River

One of the major attractions of Perth in Australia , the Swan River is a famous river in the southwestern part of Western Australia. With the Avon, Canning and Helena Rivers as its main tributaries, the Swan river’s lower reaches are deep and wide while the upper reaches very shallow and narrow. Tourists can also relax and enjoy in the cruises in this area.

Where: Below Mount Mambup, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

9. Katherine River

Katherine River

Beginning in the Kakadu National Park and flowing into the Nitmiluk National Park, the Katherine river flows through the town of Katherine and is also a significant tributary of the Daly River. The main attractions of the Katherine River are the red sandstone cliffs of Katherine Gorge, which the river took around 23 million years to carve. Tourists are offered with canoe packages as well as helicopter flights that help them see the beauty of this place more closely. Also, there are various tour companies offering cruises which makes sure that people can relax whilst also enjoying at the same time.

Where: Nort

10. Ord River

Ord River

Situated in Western Australia, primarily the Kimberley region, this river is 200 miles or 320 km long. Named after Western Australia’s’ Governor between 1877 to 1880, the catchment of this river covers around 46,100 square kilometers. Kununurra is the main town of the Ord River and is also the centre for the Ord River irrigation scheme. This scheme was responsible for the development of Lake Argyle which is one of the major tourist attractions here.

Where: Western Australia 6770, Australia.

These are the most stunning and most spectacular rivers in Australia that you must visit on your , trip to Australia. Make sure to indulge in all the water sport activities that these rivers offer and have the greatest time of your life.

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Bali Bird Park: A Personal Guide For Soaking In The Blissful Vibes For A 2019 Vacay

The Bali Bird Park in Bali is an important tourist attraction that draws a lot of tourist attraction. The Bali Bird Park was opened in the year 1994 and since then it has been the home to a large number of species of birds. Today there are around 250 different species of birds found here that number close to 5000. You will find a large number of exotic species of birds here. This is basically a conservation park for the birds that has turned into a major tourist attraction today. It is a very well managed family and an animal park that one must visit. It has been a park of Bali’s ecotourism for the past 20 years.

About Bali Bird Park

This park is located in the Gianyar Regency in the district of Batubulan, near Ubud. So, if you’re wondering about Bali Bird Park location, now you know where to head to in Bali! The entire bird park is separated into more than 60 regions and the natural habitat for every species has been recreated here so that the birds can breed easily in their natural habitat. The indigenous plant life for every habitat is another thing to look out for when you visit the bird park. Here one will feel that they have embarked on a magical journey across the Indonesian Archipelago, Latin America, Africa and Australia all at once.

A large number of species are conserved here. The nearly extinct Pesquet’s Parrot was conserved here and now their numbers have grown. The main aim of the centre is to be the “Centre of Excellence” for the breeding of the nearly extinct birds like Birds of Paradise and Bali Starlings, among other species. There are more than 40 species of Indonesian birds alone that are being taken care of at the sanctuary.

One will also find a diverse botanical collection as mentioned before. One can find more than 52 species of palms, rare jungle fruits, cycads, bamboos and cactus. There are 4 lakes here that are home to various species of water birds, most of which have been declared endangered. It is also known as the Bali Bird & Reptile Park.

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Bali Bird Park Activities

There are a large number of events that are organised for the tourists that visit here. These entertaining shows are both for adults and children. There are provisions for a 4D air-conditioned cinema where you can have a visual experience like never before and learn a lot about different birds that are found here as well as those that are not. There are numerous events that are organised on a regular basis for school students and companies that visit here. Something interesting is always happening at the bird park.

One of the most desired shows here is the Bali Rainforest Show. It is a free flight show that is not to be missed. In this show, you get to see beautiful colourful birds like macaws, storks, cockatoos and such other exotic birds, soaring across the sky. This is an amazing opportunity where you can see so many birds at once. You can experience them very closely and have a look at their beautiful and colourful wingspan as they fly across the sky. This show occurs every day from 10.30 to 16.30. Some of the other shows that are held here are Papua Rainforest Feeding, Pelican Feeding, Basic Instinct (this is a show on birds of prey), Lory Feeding, Guyu Guyu Corner and such others.

Bali Bird Park Facilities

This park is well suited for family and children. The place is built in such a manner that it is bound to attract the attention of children. It is very colourful and there is a lot to know about the birds. If you are planning on a day out but do not want to visit the beach, then you must come here for the amazing experience. The tour through the Bird Park will take up your entire day.

There are a few restaurants here in the park like the Main Restaurant or the Rainforest Café. Some of the other facilities that can be found here are the Children play area, Bali Starling Restaurant, 6 toilets, car parking etc. Apart from that, you must not forget to get yourself some souvenir from the Bali Bird Park souvenir shop. The money that is earned here goes to help the park management in keeping the place healthy and clean to the highest standards.

The staffs at the Bali Bird Park in Gianyar are very friendly. They will help everyone get close to the birds by carrying the birds on their shoulders and bringing them near all tourists. They constantly engage the kids in conversation with the birds so that they can get to know the birds better and also get to understand that these species are important.

Tickets For Bali Bird Park

The park is open every day throughout the year. Bali Bird Park opening hours are from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Bali Bird Park entrance fee is free for kids up to two years. So if you are planning to go to Bali, then going on for a Bali Bird Park Tour should be on your checklist. We are quite sure you will thoroughly enjoy at the Bali Bird Park. Have a great time Peeps! If you’re looking for Bali Bird Park discount ticket, then do check out the various online booking sites which offer 20% off with some great deals.

The kids are allowed to feed the birds and hold them in their arms while feeding or after they land directly on their hands. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Bali for an amazing vacation with your friends and family like never before!

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Esala Perahera 2019: All You Need To Know About Kandy’s Most Popular Festival

The land of Sri Lanka is home to many mind-boggling attractions. But irrespective of how fascinating they are, at one point or another, some of us may have felt that touring only them would add to a cliché trip experience. So, if you’re one of those who still yearn to see a lesser-seen side of Sri Lanka on your vacation, we suggest you put the popular Esala Perahera Festival on your itinerary. Even though it’s one of the oldest festivals in Kandy, not many tourists know about it, which means you’re in for a surprise and a totally unique experience!

About Esala Perahera

One of the oldest and biggest Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka, Esala Perahera is a treat to watch. This historic celebration is held annually to venerate the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha which is rested in Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. During every Esala (July or August), processions take to streets at night for 10 days. The Sinhalese term Perahera literally means a parade of musicians, dancers, drummers, and other performers. So, as part of the parade, well-dressed elephants and tuskers walk along the routes with the tooth relic in a casket. The whole festival comes to an end with a water cutting ceremony at the Mahaweli River in Kandy.

The Esala Perahera Fest in Kandy is celebrated every year in July or August. This year, the tentative dates for the 10-day festival are 5th August to 15th August.

Like most festivals, there is no entry ticket for attending the Kandy Esala Perahera or being a part of the procession. You can heartily walk out and join the hundreds of locals and devotees who walk around in parades at nights during the fest. However, if you wish to witness the festivity from a balcony above, a seat would cost you around INR 1,500 to INR 4,000 depending on the night and the demand.

The Processions

Most of the processions start with a bang and end with a whipping cannon shot in the air. Some of the peraheras also unite during the 10 days at some point. Here are the major processions that bring the festival to life.

  • Maligawa Perahera or Perahera of the Temple Of The Tooth Relic
  • Randoli Perahera
  • Diya Kepeema and Day Perahera
  • Kumbal Perahera
  • Devale Perahera
  • Fours Devales
  • Modern Perahera

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Place To Stay

If Esala Perahera 2019 is a part of your Sri Lanka itinerary, there’s no doubt that you would want to see the best of the festival and how it brings the whole city to life. Therefore, choosing the right accommodation would come in really handy during your trip for a better experience.

Kandy surely has no dearth of places to stay, however, there are only certain hotels that offer the best views of both the city and are located in close proximity to the centre where the perahera takes place. Here are a few shortlisted ones for you:

  • Hotel Suisse (luxury)
  • The Stone House (luxury)
  • The Queens Hotel (mid-range)
  • Clock Inn (budget)
  • Villa 92 (budget)
  • While there’s no dress code defined for the festival, it’s best to dress decently when you’re a part of the procession.
  • Pick and book your hotel well in advance and quickly since most of the hotels around the centre run out of rooms as the festival nears.
  • Reach the route before time. Most of the parades start between 8 and 9 PM, so ensure you grab yourself a place on the pavement before it kicks off.
  • If you’re planning to walk along, be prepared to be a part of a huge crowd.
  • If a comfortable experience and a viewing gallery is what you’d admire the most to witness the various attractions of the Esala, make sure to reserve yourself a seat well in advance.
  • There are also guided tours for the Kandy Festival during the 10 days. If you are more of a history buff and do not wish to miss out any detail, don’t forget to book one for yourself.
  • If you wish to visit the Tooth of the Relic Temple, make sure you check the timings and visiting hours for the tourists with the locals and dress appropriately.
  • Do not indulge in any sort of arguments with the locals or demean their culture or language.

Esala Perahera in Kandy is surely one of the most venerated festivals in Sri Lanka that set all the streets in the city to fire with lights and vigour. A lot of culturally rich festivities can be witnessing like acrobats, fire dance, kandyan dance, and more. Without a doubt, this fest offers a true glimpse of Kandy’s traditions and lifestyle. So, make sure you do not skip it on your next trip to Sri Lanka with TravelTriangle. After all, an enriching holiday is always better than a cliché trip.

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7 Hostels in Bahamas That Are A Perfect Blend Of Luxury And Comfort

The Bahamas is known for the villas, the sea facing hotels and the beaches. For any solo traveller, or even a budget traveller, the Bahamas is a dream that seemed too impossible to come true! But with a number of hostels coming up now, the accommodation cost can well be managed by all! Here are the top hostels in Bahamas for you to consider while planning your trip.

Offering a range of amenities, and set in the best locations, these 7 hostels in Bahamas are the best properties you will find in the islands. Take a look:

1. HumesHouse


One of the top-rated hostels in Nassau, and in the Bahamas too, is the HumesHouse. With well-equipped rooms that offer backpackers budget accommodation in this otherwise luxury destination, this is where you will get good value for your money. Dormitories here range from 4 to six beds, with a shared bathroom in every dormitory. The open areas are for everyone to utilise, as is the kitchen.

Location: 65, Chiro Court, Faith Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas
Starting price: INR 2200/-
Highlights: Free wifi, airport shuttle, free parking, non-smoking rooms, bar
TripAdvisor reviews: 2.5/5

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2. HumesHouse 2

HumesHouse 2

Located minutes away from some of the most popular tourist spots, HumesHouse 2 is one of the rising budget properties in the Bahamas. This hostel has mixed dormitories, as well as female dormitories. With the shared spaces including a terrace, a kitchen and more, the hostel is also known for its spectacular views of the surrounding gardens.

Location: Montrose Ave, Nassau, Montrose Ave, Nassau, Bahamas
Starting price: INR 2600/-
Highlights: Free wifi, airport shuttle, free parking, non-smoking rooms

3. BahaSea Backpackers

BahaSea Backpackers

Hands down one of the best hostels in Bahamas, the BahaSea Backpackers allows tourists to stay comfortably on a budget. Not only do they offer the best experience to solo travellers, but couples seem to be fond of this property too! There are a couple of touristy spots nearby, and the amenities of the hostel include a wonderful terrace, a kitchen, and a swimming pool.

Location: 560 west bay street Nassau N.P, Bahamas
Starting price: INR 3000/-
Highlights: Free wifi, beachfront, swimming pool, airport shuttle, free parking, outdoor pool, bar, ATM
TripAdvisor reviews: 4.5/5

4. Centre City Backpacking Gem

Centre City Backpacking Gem

A modest accommodation option just a quick walk away from the beach, Centre City Backpacking Gem is perfect for all those on a budget. Equipped with a shared bathroom, a Tv and many such amenities, all the rooms are cosy and comfortable. The property also has a terrace that is perfect for some star gazing at night, or an early morning tea too!

Location: 4 Ragged Island Street, Nassau, Bahamas
Starting price: INR 3300/-
Highlights: Free wifi, airport shuttle, free parking, non-smoking rooms, pet friendly, daily housekeeping

5. Dawson’s Hideaway

Dawson's Hideaway

Popular among solo travellers, this property is famous for the single occupancy rooms that they offer. The sitting area, the kitchen and the garden are available to all the guests. Some other amenities include toiletries, Wi-Fi, and the terrace. It is also one of the top accommodation options in this area.

Location: #4 Dawson, Street, Bahamas
Starting price: INR 1700/-
Highlights: Free wifi, airport shuttle, family rooms, free parking, non-smoking rooms, daily housekeeping

6. Da Pink And White Palace

Da Pink And White Palace

Boasting of a gorgeous terrace, and a location that will make everyone else jealous, Da Pink And White Palace is just a quick drive away from the beach in US.This property offers a variety of rooms, from solo traveller friendly, to even some family rooms. Depending on the rooms, the amenities that are provided are different. Shared bathrooms, kitchen, and complimentary toiletries are offered here.

Location: 11 Deans Lane, Edgware, Bahamas
Starting price: INR 2000/-
Highlights: Free wifi, airport shuttle, family rooms, free parking, non-smoking rooms
TripAdvisor reviews: 3/5

7. Art Retreat Bahamas

Art Retreat Bahamas

A modest set up in the Bahamas, Art Retreat Bahamas is perfect for those on a budget. Along with female and mixed dormitories, they also have a triple room with a sea view. Shared bathrooms equipped with toiletries, and more make it a favourite amongst those travelling in groups of 2 and 3. We suggest you to make reservations in the hostel before arriving.

Location: 264 West Bay Street Bahamas Beach, Nassau, Bahamas
Starting price: 3300/-
Highlights: Free wifi, beachfront, swimming pool, airport shuttle, free parking, non-smoking rooms

Here are the top 7 hostels in the Bahamas for you. Suitable for groups, solo, as well as families, these budget options guarantee a comfort, fun, and a memorable staying experience on a trip to the US.

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4 Interesting Places To Visit Near Solar Sea Walk Underseawalk Mauritius For A Great Tropical Trip

Loved by one and all, Mauritius is one of the most frequented island nations of the world. This country is admired for its vibrant surroundings and the tropical weather. The wildlife, greenery, mountains, waterfalls, and hiking trails together attract tourists from all over the world and therefore are a natural investment towards tourism industry! From national parks to museums, the country has everything in store to keep the tourists awe-struck throughout their visit. Equally loved by families and honeymooners, mauritius never fails to surprise anyone!

Amidst lush-green mountains, you’ll find various national parks as well as rainforests that will have you floored! Their jaw-dropping beauty lets you breathe freely, away from the bustling city life. Even though Mauritius is completely infused with natural wonders yet you can find innumerable modern advancements happening around the whole country. With beautiful landscape in the background, spending quality time in this island nation is the best thing you can do during your summer vacation!

Mauritius is also visited the most by adventure lovers who love to pump their adrenaline by indulging themselves into thrilling activities like water sports, hiking, trekking, etc. Even though there are so many activities to do in this place but the island ensures a gala time to the beach babies! Solar Sea Walk Undersea Walk Ltd. will let you have an unforgettable experience by making you witness the underwater life. For those who have never witnessed anything like this before, it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

It is recommended that staying stuck at one place will keep you from reaping out all the fun from the places around. So, after enjoying your time here, you must consider exploring the places to visit near Solar Sea Walk Underseawalk Mauritius.

Since Mauritius holds a great historical significance, visiting its heritage sites will be a great experience to add in your whole journey. Apart from that, the island nation is also known for some of the best beer bars and nightclubs!

There are various places that you can visit after a great underwater walk session with Solar Sea Walk Undersea Walk. There’s a good number of places that you can find around and some of the best ones have been listed below.

1. Beau Plan Sugar Mill

Beau Plan Sugar Mill


Another sugar factory, the Beau Plan serves as a museum, placing it on every list of top historical places in Mauritius. The exhibition here covers the tale of sugar, crisscrossing with the history of the island, rum trade as well as the practice of slavery.

The tour will take anywhere from two to three hours. The factory itself was started back in 1797, and it was closed down on the turn of the century in 1999. The museum also has videos as well as interactive sessions where you can gain more knowledge about the history of the place. Oh, and at the end of the tour, everyone gets to taste around fifteen types of sugar, all of which were first invented in Mauritius itself. This place will be more fun when you’ll make a visit with your kids as it will give them a new insight and they’ll be more aware about the historical significance of the country.

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2. Martello Tower

Martello Tower


The five towers were built back in 1800s by the British to protect their colony from the French, who apparently were trying to instigate the slaves. The tower located at La Preneuse is now serving as a museum where experts explain the incredible architecture of the towers. Apparently, these towers are all three metres thick, with copper cannons which could shoot at a range of about 2 kilometres. To know about the Mauritian history, this place can totally serve the purpose. It also symbolizes the significance of French Revolution.

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3. Lambic Beer Bar


This restaurant is one of the most established restaurants in Port Louis and if you are a beer lover then this is your go-to place. Lambic Beer Bar is actually a brewery that serves up freshly brewed beer to the customers along with delicious European and Mauritian food. You will also find here 136 types of imported beer, 46 types of whiskey, and 43 types of tea. The most famous dishes of this place are chef’s salad, Angus steak, venison steak, fish and chips and fish and mussels broth. Also, this place provides the best services. This place is ideal for unwinding yourself after a long day of exploring the tourist attractions. With hospitable and skillful staff, a great experience is sure to be undergone!

Address: St Georges St, Port Louis, Mauritius
Timings: 8 AM – 10 PM

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4. Fort Adelaide

Fort Adelaide

The Heritage hunt in Mauritius is about to get a hike. Your excursion to Port Louis, the capital of the island nation, will be incomplete if you don’t include a visit to Fort Adelaide. The Fort is also called La Citadelle. It was built by the British colonizers of the island at a very strategic location. It sits in the higher lands, in the part of Port Louis that is nearly 240 feet above sea level. The construction of this Fort Adelaide began back in 1832 and it was completed within ten years of that. Climb up to Fort Adelaide; here you can enjoy the picturesque panorama of its view of Port-Louis, the harbor that was historically established and the Signal Mountain. History buffs should never miss a chance to visit this place, as it’s sure to satiate their curiosity and love for the history of the country of Mauritius!

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Make your everyday count by considering the above-mentioned places to visit near Solar Sea Walk Underseawalk Mauritius. To make your Mauritius tour interesting and fun, make sure you witness each aspect of the country – from fun and adventurous to enlightening!

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8 Homestays In Palampur And Around The Town That Will Welcome You With Utter Warmth

Everyone longs to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of a city and unwind at a land infused with tranquility and natural freshness. This is why Himachal Pradesh is one of the most-loved destinations amongst both amateur and dedicated travelers. Amongst numerous hill stations here, Palampur is one such place that is admired by many for the tea gardens, waterfalls, and natural parks.

Finding a refuge here, amidst lush greenery would be even more pleasurable than your imagination! With so many places to explore, Palampur also provides the tourists with innumerable options to plan their stay. Homestays in Palampur give you a feeling that you’re living in a home away from home! Moreover, when staying in a homestay, you even get to interact with the owners who can suggest you some really amazing tourist attractions that would make your vacation worthwhile.

Spending your holiday in Palampur will be all the more fulfilling if you plan your stay in one of the best homestays in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Listed below are some of the most amazing homestays you can find in the town of Palampur.

1. Silver Oaks

Silver Oaks

Expect spacious and extremely ventilated rooms at this place. If you’re an adventurer, then you’re going to love Silver Oaks! That is because there are various thrilling outdoor activities organized by them, including zip lining, trekking, jeep safari, and more. The property is located within beautiful tea gardens and faces the breathtaking Dhauladhar Mountains. With the daily newspaper, housekeeping, laundry, WiFi, and medical assistance, you’ll be assured an unprecedented experience.

Address: Bundla Tea Estate Aima, Bundla, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh 176061
Website | Reviews

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2. Rupayan Homestay

Rupayan Homestay

If you’re looking for the best places to unwind and relax after a long day and want to rejuvenate yourself for the upcoming adventures, then this one’s for you. Enveloped within lush greenery, Rupayan Homestay in Palampur can be reached via the road with no hassles awaiting you! Various facilities and services like the daily newspaper, laundry, medical help, parking, etc. can be availed at this place. With the availability of a conference room and WiFi, this place is ideal for even those who are on a business trip.

Address: Maranda, Kasoti, Himachal Pradesh 176061
Website | Reviews

3. Sattva Homestay

Sattva Homestay

This property has a garden and is located at a distance of 41 kilometers from Kangra Airport. Guests get to have a buffet breakfast and the rooms even have a highly organized kitchenette. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the valleys from your room’s balcony. There’s free parking available here and you can even use their private entrance.

Address: SSB Chowk, 2231, Ghuggar A, 176061 Palampur India 176061

4. KG Homestay

KG Homestay

The rooms at this place have been specially designed to ensure an everlasting comfort. The ambiance of this place is extremely peaceful and calming. The caretaking service is quite reliable while other facilities like security, parking, and room service will never disappoint you. If you are traveling in groups and wondering where to stay in Palampur, then KG Homestay is the place for you. Privacy and peace will be maintained throughout your stay. The rooms are spacious and are equipped with TV, free WiFi, and electrical sockets.

Address: House no. 6, Street no. 2, Near Neugal Cafe, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, 176061

5. Himalayan Retreat Homestay

Himalayan Retreat Homestay

Situated on the road that connects Palampur, McLeodganj, and Dharamshala, Himalayan Retreat Homestay brings you closer to nature. With your rooms, you can witness the absorbing valleys of Palampur that will make you never want to leave the town! The large balconies and terrace are ideal for beholding the Dhauladhar range and evening strolls. If you’re looking for a place that is nowhere close to the bustling market areas, then this is where you must book your stay!

Address: Near Petrol Pump, Chimbalhar, Himachal Pradesh 176061

6. Flowerdale Homestay

Flowerdale Homestay

When traveling solo, you can consider this place to plan your stay. Flowerdale Homestay offers medical assistance, emergency lighting, parking, and more. Situated amidst greenery, the property has well-maintained rooms that have toilets with essential toiletries available. The spacious and airy rooms will make your stay totally worth it!

Address: Molichak, Village Banuri, Opp. Modern School Banuri, Palampur

If you want to explore Palampur but stay in some other hill station nearby, then go through the list below. Ensuring a memorable experience, these homestays near Palampur are known for their hospitality and extremely picturesque locations!

7. Parvatah


Located in Bir (almost 30 kilometers from Palampur), this property is definitely going to steal your heart. Thoughtfully and creatively embellished with crafty elements, every room reflects the Himalayan culture in a unique way. What else can you ask for when you get facilities like free WiFi, flat-screen TV, continental breakfast, garden, terrace, and more in a place so beautiful! If you want to explore the happening spots around, you can even avail their bicycle rental service. Taking care of their guests’ individualistic or generic demands, the hosts are extremely hospitable.

Address: First floor, House Number 1393, Village and post office BIR Near Panchayat House, Bir, Kangra, 176077 Bīr, India
Website | Reviews

8. Harmony Blue

Harmony Blue

Spacious as well as well-equipped, the rooms of this property are everything you can ask for after a long day of exploring Mcleodganj! Meeting the guests’ demands by offering free WiFi, 24-hour assistance, flat-screen TV, electric kettle, and more, Harmony Blue is amongst the tourists’ favorites. Kangra airport is at a distance of 23 kilometers from the property.

Address: Strawberry hills near Dal Lake Mcleodganj, 176219 McLeod Ganj, India
Website | Reviews

Himachal Pradesh is loved by every traveler who wants to take a fresh breath of nature. The town of Palampur is one such place that is ideal for those who want to escape the urbanness and dwell into simplicity. Making the experience more fulfilling, homestays in Palampur and around are a must to consider when planning your trip to Himachal Pradesh .

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